Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Domestic Goddess Wannabe

I wanted to blog about this since last weekend, the day of this incident itself, because I was so so so happy. But work caught up hence this late update. 

Anyway the excitement still here I presenting what I've been up to last weekend.

I found a shop selling fresh wet groceries, in 10mins away from my house!!

Ok.. well, maybe it's nothing to you guys, but I was like a happy kid when I get there! First and foremost, we rarely get to buy fresh stuff because of time contraint. Weekend is the only time we at home, and we didn't cook during weekdays. So most of the time we had to succumb with Giant and Tesco online. I used to think Giant's fish is good enough, but when I look at this shop, blehhhh no more Giant after this..err..unless no choice la.

And I haven't been to any market or pasar malam/pasar tani beli barang basah in 5 years of marriage. So this is my first time trying to be..ahem..a real domestic goddess...ahem!

My MIL told us about this shop long time ago but we didn't have the chance to check it out. It's just normal kedai runcit dekat seksyen 4 KD. MrComot went there first, with Zahra and brought home fresh squid  and complaint that he couldn't really shop because Zahra said the shop is icky and stink so she doesn't want to walk. Typical Zahra /:)

So last weekend, I went there all by myself around 1030AM. Quite late already. Tapi gigih okk. Normally we will go everywhere together, but MrComot said it is impossible to shop there with the kiddos. So MrComot took care of Zahra (he brought her to Giant to buy some dry groceries) and I left Emir with my sister at home, and pinjam kereta my sister, drive sorang2 pegi kedai. I rarely drive alone after tell me about it. And my kegigihan is sooo worth it haha. The fish is super super fresh and I feel like buying all!

Some of the stock.

Bought 1 big siakap (barramundi), about 1 kilo pelatling (mackerel), a bag of lala (clams), cili padi, limau kasturi, daun kesum, tomatoes, ginger, taugeh, hard tofu, and coriander leaves for only RM33!! It's cheap!

Talk about that fresh coriander leaves..this is my first time buying such stuff, so I keep on sniffing that leaves ok. Sooo sooo sooo nice!  :D

Reached hole around 1115 and I didn't plan to cook for lunch at first because I know myself, I am a bit lembap in kitchen..I have to start cooking at 1030 not going out shopping the stuff haha.

But because the ingredient is so fresh, I was super excited and rolled up my sleeves and start sweating in the kitchen.

See the siakap? "Masih bersinar" as my mom would say to fresh fish. And yeah, it is sparkling!
Rub some fish sauce, chopped garlic, onion, ginger, tomatoes, cili padi, lime juice, pinch of salt and coriander leaves.

Turn to siakap stim limau cili padi. YUMS!

Taugeh with tofu , fried with ikan masin style

I soak the clams in saltwater to remove the sand and it was 12 something already. Told you I'm slow in the kitchen haha. So decided to cook the clam later and proceed to eat lunch.

After lunch, I didn't take a nap but start process the mackerel and turn it into


Ok tell me now, super effective or not? LOL

I don't know what's gotten into me but I was so excited to cook that day. Which is so not me! I would prefer take out anytime ok? Maybe I'm bored with outside food but my ultimate catalyzer is the fresh fishes!

When everything is fresh, the food will be extra delicious too, bundled with love and my sweat of course! Lol!

Anyway, I don't really know how to cook laksa kedah but I love it very much. The recipe is simple too, so I just belasah buat and keep on asking MrComot how is it?

"Sedaaaappp!! Tengok me sampai hirup semua kuah"

Good boy!!! Tak sedap pun takpe, janji you give me RIGHT answer hahaha.

Oh ya, the laksa is kids friendly - just mackerel + cili giling + daun kesum + asam keping + salt. That's all!! Didn't put bunga kantan (ginger torch) because it's quite windy for my stomach and no belacan..just because MrComot prefers without it. And yet, it still tastes delicious!

So no more fish from Giant after this. Kedai runcit seksyen 4, see you soon!!!

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