Monday, September 30, 2013

Fly to the moon with Malindo Air

Ok I know Raya is like soo yesterday, but am gonna write about our journey to Terengganu last Eidulfitri. I will break the story into few entries.

Anyway, we were contemplating either to drive or fly. Driving will be much cheaper but to be in the car with two hyper kids for at least 8-hours, is too much for us to bear. Flying will be the best option but it has to be from Subang as it's nearer to us. Kalau from LCCT or KLIA will defeat the purpose nak senang, plus we have to spend another RM200 for cab. So it leaves us either Fireflyz or Malindo Air.

Both at around the same price that time, but Malindo is slightly cheaper so I opt for Malindo. This is our first time flying with Malindo and we were quite worried that if the service is sucks, or seats are too small, or have weird smell (haha I know this is ridiculous) but  thank God, the flight and service is pretty impressive. It's new plane, so the seats still new and pretty. Plus Malindo is new (I think) so macam tak ramai orang, so we don't have to queue at the check in counter. Both inbound and outbound were not full house so we got extra seats, boleh la I BF dengan aman and budak-budak free a bit, Alhamdulillah.

Outbound. Emir is soo happy with the space and he's been running here and there. Zahra on the other hand, missy universe, happily choose to conquer the trolley.

Zahra sits with MrComot and Emir is with me since I need to BF him.

They provide light refreshment, butter cake and bottled water. Not bad considering it's low cost air carrier and only 1 hour journey.

Took this picture because saw the fighting air craft. Is it? Not sure but macam tentera punya.

Puteri lilin. Umbrella is provided by the attendance at the door out.

Feeding kids in the airport. Our flight was at noon, so I packed their lunch siap-siap. Tanak suap dalam flight takut susah and by the time sampai Terengganu nanti lapar sangat pulak.

Mommy and kiddos. I was so comot! But oh tudung only can stay put for 5 mins. After that tertarik2 by hensem boy.

Even though it's 1-hour journey and in a contained space, kids will always be kids. Zahra keep on playing with the tray, tearing the "vomit" paper bag, standing on the seat and Emir is jumping here and there, crossing the seats, etc. They just don't want to stay put. Nasib baik tak tak tantrum je. It was manageable but a handful one, so I wonder how 8-hours jounery in the car going to be. Phewwwwww. Another lesson learnt, even though 1-hour seems like a short period to you, do prepare some activity kits for kids because, 1-hour is like forever to them ;)

Ok, gotta share fun we had in Terengganu later!

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