Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Perfect livin 2013

We went to perfect livin' 2013 held at PWTC last Thursday. Gigih ambil cuti ok. Haha..little things that I treasure. 

The main intention was to survey on the custom book-rack. We wanted to make a small library at the family hall since we don't want to give up any room for it. We already surveyed the stuff in IKEA for DIY,  but we still want to see how much it's going to cost us for a nice custom made. Apparently, it's going to cost us triple of IKEA's, so we decided scrape the customize book-rack idea :(

How I wish I can afford the customized library, it will be super nice *sobs*, but oh well, gotta suck it up and move on.

Anyway, book rack aside, there are soooooooo many nice thing at perfect livin and how I wish money grows on trees, so that I can just pluck them and buy the stuff lol. Oh life...

A few thing that caught my eyes:

 A nice Gorenje fridge with this cute egg holder

Black granite sink. This is super super super want! Granite sink is the in-thing now. It's super smooth and antibac (nano process-no holes). I don't really care about the antibac features but seriously, the sink is so nice! This pic just doesn't do justice. You have to see and touch it by yourselves.

 Cute bathroom sink

With pretty embossed porcelain

 Super cute bucket sink, super expensive too :(

Kids bedframe with slide!!!! I wannnnnnt it forrrr meeeeeee...er...for Zahra, so that I can share it with her haha kidding. Anyway, seriously, this is the nicest kids bed I've ever found. Very kiddy but simple and safe too. I don't know why I never stumble upon this product because there are very famous in www-land, and andes with online shopping is like BFF, so how come I never come across this? Haha..ok whatever, anyway, this is their website: www.tomatokidz.com. They made lots cute and fancy stuff and those stuff are exported to overseas. So u know what I mean right? It's a real deal.

Detailed tiles

Well, that's some of the awesome stuff I snap, after that I kinda forgot to take out my phone and snap some more..because I was too engrossed admiring things they are selling haha.

Anyway.......we bought a veryyyyyyyyy cute blind. Like cutey cute. I will snap it and post it here once it is installed. Bought an aircond for the hall and I can't believe this, I bought a steam iron!!! Not the normal one, but the standing tall like at the shops. Like wtf man! As if I own some sort of boutique. 

Well, my main intention is to iron MrComot's shirt but apparently the steam iron works best for silk, dresses, polyester, material like that, but my husband's shirt is cotton, so it kinda hard to use it you know. I've spent litres of water just for 3 shirt? Gahhhhhhhhhhh. I think I've been conned haha. Well, will post the iron in the next entry.

A few random pictures:

Sungai Klang! 
Do you know they have mini waterfall..hmm not really a waterfall but got big stones like in the big river. MrComot said it's man made to beautify the river.Well, it kinda pretty (that is why I snap this picture) but somehow all I can see from this picture is the teh tarik water hahaha.

Us at one of the hall. Compulsory pic lol

The goodie bag. Got STAR newspaper I think (didn't bother to flip in until now) and reusable water bottle.

Another interesting thing I found, gigantic posters plastered at the wall, at surau's area. Some sort of tazkirah, while you putting your shoes outside.

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