Friday, September 27, 2013

The OverAchieved Cleaner

Remember Emir's obsession towards sweeper/penyapu? I wrote about it in this entry. The obsession still pretty much there only it's upgraded a little bit to mister vacuum. Hello sweeper with growling sound!

Vacuum cleaner will be his ultimate toys nowadays. Everytime we reached home, the first thing he did is pointing to the store room, asking me to open it and get the vacuum, then he will ask me to plug it ON. He doesn't want 'silenced' vacuum anymore. So I have to let it run for a while, then off it and tell him the vacuum is hot while tapping at the top, he will tap it as well and says "haaaaat" as a sign that he agrees with me that the vacuum is hot and need to shut it off for a while. There will be slight heat at the top when it's on after some times, to the trick works. 

Then we will continue with the next step, undress him and wash, brush teeth, prepare for bed time. The drama begins after that. He will refuse to wear the pyjama and run for the precious vacuum... naked. So again, have another round of vacuuming and after dia macam puas hati sikit main, baru dia nak pakai baju and diaper hahaha.

I tried to force-dress him, but susahhhhh, he will kick me and shout and cry. So instead of fighting it, I just let him having a party with the vacuum cleaner.

Emir in action 

High QC ok, bawah kerusi pun kena vacuum.

But the trickiest part is to let him part with the vacuum for bed time. After he is fully dressed, he still wants to play with it and by that dah almost 11 something, so of course la I instruct everybody to go upstairs and sleep. He won't budge a bit with the vacuum and stay put by it's side. I switched off the light and left him downstairs (Zahra and Mrcomot also upstairs already) and he will cry throwing tantrum. Then I try to pujuk-pujuk him and carry him upstairs but he will hentak2 kaki kat tangga and turun balik nak vaccum. Over and over again. Lastly, I had to go upstairs and let him calm down and climb the stairs by himself (it's a bit dangerous as I always be by his side when he's going upstairs, takut terslip kat tangga kan) but only that way works. Then he will come to me in sobs. Almost setiap malam macam ni. Hensem boy hensem boy...

The obsession is not restricted in the house only. The first thing he attacks when we reached my PIL's is also a vacuum cleaner. And last Raya when we were back in Terengganu, we went to one of the relative's house and it was the kids first time there. Emir saw a vacuum cleaner hidden at a corner and he went there trying to get it out, boleh? It was very funny that time, but nasib baik family, kalau stranger it will be.... awkward!

The obsession is mind-boggling because Zahra doesn't has any obsession to this extend. On the other side, hopefully besar nanti pun rajin buat kerja rumah, jangan masa kecik je tau!


  1. Comel! my 2yrs son pun macam tu. suka vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc apa2 yg bunyi enjin lah. kalau kita tak on, dia yg akan buat bunyi sendiri. ahaha..but Emir lagi tererlah, sbb sampai naked! hehe..but my son, suka betul chainsaw abah dia yg simpan dalam store. sampai menangis berguling2 nak main. last-last, nak main lah! boys kan..hehe

  2. Suheli,
    Chainsaw lagi ganas!! Aah 2yo boy mmg..kalau tak dpt, nangis guling2 *pening*. Zahra dulu at least we can reason with her.