Monday, September 23, 2013

Handful crafting weekend

I went to Petaling Street last Friday during lunch time, to buy some birthday party goodies (Emir is turning two!). I don't have anything in mind yet, so just went there to buy random stuff that I like and instead of focusing on the party stuff, I was distracted by a lot of crafting stuff for myself and Zahra!

Found this sand art for kids, where it comes with a sticker paper that you peel, then pour colored sand. Zahra loves this stuff so much! It has become her current obsession. The first time I bought was from random shop and it's not expensive, but not cheap either. But at PS, it is dirt cheap, less than RM1 per piece! Depending on the size though, ranging from 60cents to 1.50. But the drill is, you have to buy in bulk, minima is 10 pieces.

 Doing the bambee

As usual, the sticker came with small packet of colored sands and it is never enough. So I bought extra sands for her in 10 rainbow colors! :D

The wall of fame. Just tape a string of baker's twine at the wall in her playroom. 

I also bought her this painting stuff. It comes together with a keychain string, 4 colors of water-based paint and plastic brush. This is a hit too!  Emir is restricted because I'm too lazy to clean up. Pooor little one hehe..

Art is subjective. I asked her what's up with the dino. She said "dinosour ni color rainbow". Ooookaaayyy! Haha!

Anyway, the keychain is two-sided. It has different design at the back which you can paint too. I just noticed it when the paint dried and I lift it up. So we going to paint it later, next week probably. The paint provided is quite a lot and good enough for you to paint both sides with some extra.

It was a very tiring weekend because she saw the stuff I brought home and wants to do all! I plan to give her one at a time but forgot to hide it, so there it goes. Doing art stuff with kids is really energy consumed. You need to hold your breath most of the time when they slip, or mess with the stuff. But it won't be fun if it's not messy right? Tiring but fun.

So plan your activity well. Sand art is more suitable to play outdoor as you can let your kid spread the sand as much as she wants and cleaning will be a breeze as the wind will help, not much sweeping and wiping needed hehe. As for painting, cover the painting area with newspaper or anything that don't need an after clean-up, where you can chuck the whole thing right away. As for me, I used a thick cardboard from my cutting mat which I was about to throw away. Now that I see its function, I'm going to keep it in the storeroom for the next activity.

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