Friday, September 20, 2013

Mooncake Festival

The kids joined the crowd celebrating mooncake festival last night. The community at my in laws will host this festival every year at the children playground and everybody will be there lighting some candles and lanterns. They also provide some mooncake but mooncake was never our favourite so we had none.

Anyway what intrigues me is the lantern. It evolves every year from traditional lighted candles to led light and then now it comes together with songs. Not just that, it also has a lot of characters for you to choose from.

Emir got the minion and Zahra got the rilakkuma. 

The minions seems like a hit this year because apparently Emir is not alone carrying it at the park. In fact, we also saw a kid holding that exact minion in a car in front of us during the traffic jam on the way back home that night. Both of us squealed "Ehhhh sama macam Emir la!!!" Hahaha. 

My precious!! It comes together with LED and annoying song when you turn it on. I say annoying because it is sooo loud!

 At the park

The electrical lantern didn't last long. They lost interest towards the plastic lantern after they saw everybody is lighting up the candle. Well, nothing beats old fashioned stuff right.

But lighting up candles also last for few minutes only. The rushed to the swings and slides and went crazy playing at the playground. Ahh kids, play time is any time ;)

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