Thursday, September 5, 2013

Going crazy with butter cake

We made butter cake last few weekends. It is the easiest recipe I've ever found and not to mention with easiest techniques too, basically you just dump everything and mix it, and they still turn out delicious with nice buttery texture. 

The original recipe was for cupcakes, I've tried it the cupcake way but MrComot request it in cake form so here we are.

Zahra saw this this heart shaped cake pan at Giant and insist to have it.

 I let them do all the creaming and mixing..I help with measuring the stuff and Zahra dumps everything into the mixer. The best part is going crazy with the sprinkles. I had to warn them so many times, don't overdo it, else it's going to be super sweet.

A little bit on the brown side as I put it 190 celcius according to the recipe, but it brown too fast so I lower it down to 150 celcius. It's either something wrong with my oven or different ovens really act differently. So test it and use your hunch! Well, the accurate way will be to use a fancy oven thermometer but I am no a baker so it doesn't matter to me, as long it bakes and edible. So hunch is way to go hahaha.

The recipe was taken from this book that I bought during Big Bad Wolf 2012

It's for chocolate chip cupcake, but I omit the chocolate chips and replace it with raisins and sprinkles. This will make 6 cupcakes, so I triple it for the cake. (Pls click for a clearer recipe)

 The texture

Sooooo buttery and yummy! It's a very simple but hearty butter cake. MrComot loves this version of butter cake and request me to make it every week. I on the other hand, prefer fancier cake, like orange and peanut butter, or coffee and pecan, well something like that. But this is very easy and you just need the everyday stuff - egg, sugar, butter, self raising flour. Just that. No milk, or buttermilk, or cream, etc. And with easy technique to. Cream everything, then fold with flour.

The best part is...since it doesn't need any fancy method or ingredients, your kids can be the baker! You guys are going to have a lot of fun together, err...minus the mess! But oh well, mess is part of the fun too! At least if you look it that way hehehe. So, have fun!! ;)

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  1. See how i miss alot of things!aan your children dah besar and very comels to the max.!Buka buka blog u tahu tahu dah jadi baker.ngeeehehehehe..looks yummeh!i kena cari dorongan nih untuk kegiatan sebegini..because me pun ade sweet tooth jugak. :p.Cuma agak malas jer.hehehehe