Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Bad Wolf 2012

Ok, about the current hip in town, Big Bad Wolf!! *This entry was in the draft for 2 weeks - phew*

As I mentioned before, this year is my 3rd year in a row visiting my 'wolf'..but when I checked back, opsss, not! I didn't go last year because I just gave birth to Emir. 

My first time was in 2009 - I was carrying Zahra. Read here.
My second time was in 2010 - I went with Fiena and brought Zahra along. Read here.

Each event has its own flair and they do it at different place. But one thing for sure, it's getting bigger and bigger! This year they announced that they have 3 millions books! Can you believe it? The first year I went, they open it at Armcorp mall, then at South City Mall, and this year, they has to rent Mines Convention Centre. 

MrComot didn't offer himself to go this year, in another word, he is not interested in accompanying me hahaha. So I have to catch any of my girlfriends who share the same interest. The event started from 7th Dec until 20th Dec but they made a stunt with 63 hours straight service (7-9th) and it pokes the right nerve, I want to go!! Luckily, Bee wanted to go too and yeah, the rest is the history.

MrComot gave the green light for me to enjoy my me-time, without the kids and at the very ODD hours! We went there on the first day they start the 63-hours challenge, on Friday around 11PM until 230AM in the morning! This is the first time MrComot has to stay with the kids alone and he is such a darling, for letting me doing crazy thing like this, book shopping at midnight hahaha. 

But what life without drama right? Handsome boy poo right before I step my foot outside the house, so I have to rush in and wash him up..then suddenly Zahra want to follow me. I told her I am out for work and she said "nak ikut mommy pegi work" with sad voice. Oh noooooo...I am this close to bring her too but that will be quite irrational right, so I just said "sorry Zahra, mommy can't, nanti mommy balik ok?" and quickly leave her to MrComot.

I don't know how MrComot put them to sleep, because Emir never sleep without me (he need his 'candu') and Zahra won't sleep if Emir didn't sleep yet. One thing for sure, my hubby managed to do it, but the next morning I saw a cut on Emir's forehead and when I asked, he said he doesn't know! Hahaha. Ok that explains, maybe Emir bang himself somewhere, got the cut and cry and then sleep alone! LOL.

Ok, back to the BBW. The traffic was craaaaaaaazzzzyyyy! It supposed to be quieter because it's midnight, but I think everybody has the same excitement, and furthermore it's weekend the next day. So apa lagi, lepak kedai buku is the IN thing haha. We parked at Mines shopping complex and have to walk a bit to the convention centre.

Cars are queuing to enter the carpark at MIECC. We parked right before it.

 The lambo

 World's biggest book sale!!

 On my right

 On my left

It's a verrrryyyyyy big area 2 tingkat lagi! The upper level is playground and food court for your spouse and kids to wait for you I guess, because 1 hour definitely not enough! There are piles of books and I have instant dizziness the moment I enter the hall hahaha. I don't where to start because books are everywhere. They divide the hall into few sections like Art&Craft, Hobbies, Fictions, Young Adult, Kids, Cookery, etc etc. They also has this small corner for Malay novel! Ok, this is new I think..last two times I went, no a sight for Malay novels.

Obviously I ran to art&craft and kids book and both section took me almost 3 hours! I flipped some at cookery section and they have arrays of Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver at a very yummy price - RM20 to RM30!! Hard cover and thick book, crisp printing with beautiful colors. Sesuai buat collection. I was tempting to haul all, but the the rational me came and said, you won't read it and you need the money for kids books..hahaha. So yeah, I didn't buy.

And this is what I bought instead, 32 books.

All for Zahra and only 3 for me, if you can spot it (hint: it's at the left corner).

Most of the books are for Zahra. Maybe she won't read it now but all is hardcover and can last long, so it is worth as a treasure. My most favourite one will be as below, "does a zebra fly?".

Cute isn't it? That's only part of it. The last page will be 'does a zebra fly?'. You want to know? Go grab it yourself ha ha ha. Ok it's not funny, but yeah, the kids section is pretty fun. So, go check it out ;)

I didn't browse the fiction at all (used to be my favourite) because I don't feel like reading books nowadays. It's more fun to run my fingers on the phone for Pinterest LOL.

The queue when after we paid and about to leave. It's already 2.30AM and still ridiculously long!

We rushed out because all of us are so hungry and sleepy! But we didn't stop anywhere to eat, and all I want to do is go back and check the kids out.

The next day I woke up around 10AM and still feel sleepy and very drowsy. I guess I am too old for late night out ha ha ha.

The event is still on until 20th December and they keep on top-up the books. So the tittle will be vary each time. Wish I can go there every week to check it out. Everyday will be nice too, but that will be too delusional hahaha. ***Gosh, while I typing this I just notice that today is already 19th!! It's gotta end soon!***

Anyway, thanks to my friend Bee! She pick me up and drove me back and she's the reason MrComot allow me to go to BBW at very odd hour!


BBW just made another announcement. They are extending the sale with 60-hours craziness!

Like their FB to know all the latest info :)


  1. teringin sgt nk pergi dan borong buku budak2 yg super murah apa kan daya sini xda bbw..huhu3..dr aan jugak maria tau psl bbw..ingat lg entry yg first time aan pergi dlu..wish can bought the cheap2 book utk aqil n marissa..huhu..

  2. Maria, kadang2 kat sana ada MPH and popular buat sale kan? Murah jugak tu..ada my friend beli yg MPH sale dlm RM5 jugak tapi maybe kurang choice

  3. good info aan..looking forward utk masuk kedai buku plk..hehe