Friday, December 21, 2012

Fizzling Sand

I made this simple activity with Zahra Elena last weekend and it catches her interest. One, because she get to control everything, it's simple so she can play all by herself, second, because it fizzles!

I call it fizzling sand. All you need are

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White vinegar, I used the cheapest one (Giant brand) since it is purely for play
Bicarbonate of Soda
Food coloring

Mix the food coloring with the vinegar
Dump all the soda bicarbonate into a plate/tupperware
Let your kid pour the vinegar mix onto the soda bicarbonate and watch it fizzles. You can also use droplets for easier handling but we just have spoon and it's fine.

 The moment the vinegar touch the soda bicarbonate, it fizzles. This keep her entertained for quite sometimes. In fact, until all the soda bicarbonate is finished (covered with the vinegar) and she cries for more! I had to calm her down and promised her that I will go buy the soda bicarbonate more later.

When the soda bicarbonate don't produce the fizzle sound anymore, don't waste it, scoop whatever you have and dump it in the vinegar mix. The chemical reaction still happen even for small residue. Zahra said "Mommyyyy ada bubblessss!".

The cleaning part also very hassle-free, it's easy to wash off and no-stain left. My only recommendation is to put some newspaper underneath the whole thing so kalau tumpah, takde la kena meja kan and for you kid to wear darker shirt as she might stain her shirt with the vinegar mix. Zahra wore white shirt and she splashed some colors, but it came off after I wash it in normal laundry.

And it will be better if you can use a lot of soda bicarbonate, so macam puas sikit dia main. I just used 1 small bottle and it runs out pretty fast. Will do this again in the future with bigger batch.

Happy weekend, and happy playing! :)

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