Friday, December 28, 2012

Date in KLCC

Another date with my hubby! 

Life has been hectic and we only went out few times this year, even though we made a pact that we will try to date once a month. It's hard, with kids, and workload.. so this is our 3rd or 4th date in this year. Anyway it was last month (14/11) and both of us manage to take one day leave and left the kids at babysitter like usual. Since the time is limited, we decided to stroll randomly in KLCC, and no movie. 

We dropped the kids quite late, around 11am and had lunch Asam Pedas Setiawangsa. This place used to by my favourite restaurant when I stayed in that area and I'll order asam pedas daging tetel and telur dadar nyonya, all the time. Telur dadar nyonya is an omelette with cencalok (fermented shrimp) and cili padi (the small extremely hot bird's eye chilli). However, the food that day wasn't that satisfying. Maybe they change the cook or it was just me, maybe my tastebud has changed through out the years. 

My favourite convo. The sambal udang petai MANIS boleh? Potong betul.

 We saw this 1 Malaysia Coop and entered it. That was my first time seeing one, the price is not bad even though they lack with varieties. Good enough for low-income worker. This place used to be KRU office with bright orange color. They moved to Cyberjaya I heard, bigger office.

Saw this while looking for parking in KLCC - an EV parking! My first time nampak, gigih suruh MrComot slow down to snap this pic. It's for electronic car to park and charge their vehicle, not that I can spot one. I also don't know how an ev car looks like haha.

Petronas pump advertisement, it is a pin up sticker at the wall but look so real!

We were wandering around, don't know where to go because both of us are not a shopper. Ok, I love to shop, but I love food more. And I don't know what to buy anymore, not that I have everything, it's just not my main interest. So do you know where we spent the whole day in KLCC?

ISETAN food market!!!

We stroll there for hours, admiring all the food and fiddling our fingers on the spices rack. Hahaha.

 Both of us light up the moment we saw this entrance. It's somewhere next to Uniqlo. This is our first time in ISETAN food market. It is new I think because last time I went to KLCC macam takde je, but that was few years back.

They have Japanese and Korean food section, more like a small food court for each section.

 Arrays of fresh sushi. The salmon cut look so yummmmmmmyyy!! I don't eat raw salmon anyway.

 The Japanese stuff. I bought the soft shell crab and small crab. The soft shell crab is soooo creamy!!! I've had a few from other place tapi most of them are dry and a bit bland but here is so delicious. Maybe they got a good batch of the crab.

 Couldn't help not to pose under the signage - I *heart* food :) 

 The small crab in my palm. It's deep fried and so crunchy that we can eat the whole thing as it is. Anyway, it's not as creamy as the soft shell crab. All I taste is a salty crunchy crab.

But highlight of the day will be this!!

I've been searching high and low for washi tape (it's patterned paper/masking tape) and currently a craze in craft world. It's quite expensive if I bought online because of the international shipping, as I couldn't find it in local online shop. I searched for it in DAISO but to non-avail and found this in ISETAN stationary corner. The choices is very limited but I am happy with the price tag :)

We went back around 530PM to pick up the kids and that's our date, food market and washi tape! Hahaha... I wish we can go somewhere else different, like a park, or exhibition, or whatever, except mall. I'm kinda tired of mall already. But half a day definitely not enough if we want to chill in hotel or resorts.

Anyway, wherever it is, is fine as long as I'm with my man :)


  1. haaa... setan kat KLCC. disitulah Ai beli my first fresh cherry... oh kenangan~