Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Warming up...

I miss my blog soooooooooo much!! And my readers! *SLOPPY KISSESS TO YOU*. Ok, even if nobody reading my blog, but I miss you!

So many thing happen in these few weeks and how I wish I write those event earlier so I don't have this feeling "nak tulis, tapi dah lepas so macam malas but it too good to pass". Ok, I am indecisive like that. Always.

Anyway, just to warm up this blog and writing spirit before I continue my usual babbling, a recap on few things in my life. I've shared about it in my facebook so a few of you might know already about this.

 Sewn a mermaid tail for Zahra. I did a lot of sewing lately. Well, not that a lot, but it's quite a sum for a start hehe. Suddenly the sewing spirit come give me a visit :)

 Zahra with her princess sunglassess. 

Went to big bad wolf. This is my 3rd year in a row going there and I'm lovin it to bits!

 Made a no-sew tutu for Zahra and she's in love with it.

My most fav pic of all. Zahra sharing her corn with Emir.

I'm giving myself an instruction to write all the events. Well, it's gonna be my resolution for this time being. Ok, gotta pick my kids from the babysitter, see you soon!


  1. cantik rambut depan Zahra.
    korang potong sendiri meh? tolong potongkan rambut depan Elia weh... me potong, herot petot jadinya

  2. Me miss coming here as well...I do hope you get the active blogging spirit (read: semangat not hantu) again and keep blogging.

    Muahs :*

    herot is fashion now Kak Tatty~

  3. Tatty,
    Kalau tengok betul2 senget tu. Aah me potong sendiri tapi sebab Zahra dah besar, so senang la. Kalau Elia, memang kena ikat haha

    U pun, cepat blog