Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hyper Lunch @ Ben's KLCC

We had a meetup with old friends (whom I last met 8 years ago!) at Ben's KLCC last Sunday. Since we are going to a decent place and I plan to eat a lot of stuff there, I armed the journey with a stack of sticker book and coloring pencils so that the kids won't get bored and doing unnecessary stuff.

I even googled up Ben's menu and roughly ordered what I feel like eating in my mind.

Fast forward, Sunday came. Wake them happily, bath and dress in no rush so that they stay happy, give some food to avoid empty stomach which will turn them to monsters. Reached at Ben's as the earliest than others, studied the menu smilingly, and order a plate of  Creamy Tomato Spagetthini which turns out delicious and the kids happily stuffing it which is a bit unusual as they don't really dig outside food.

The laid-back menu. I like the font!

The Pasta. Highly recommended! We also ordered Chunky Mushroom soup with truffle oil, not to my liking. I prefer without truffle oil's version.

Kids having fun with the stickers and color pencils. This is before the food arrived.

All look perfect and dandy..but well, the good times only last for half an hour!!!

After they finished the food, they became restless already and started to jump and climb and playing around! Kids... *sigh*

They've been tapping that thing and MrComot asked them to stop, takut benda tu jatuh. That's when the drama start, lari sana-sini.

The thing is, it's lunch time and the place is packed and I don't want them to disturb other patrons. And when I decided to force them sit still, meaning I have to scold Zahra and hold Emir on my lap, they starting to use their voice. Emir has been crying top of his lung because he wants to get down and run to the escalator, while Zahra wants to see the water fountain. We were at end of wits and decided to end the meeting and go back home.

The crying drama lasts for another half an hour I think..imagine how embarrassed I am. Mesti orang ingat I dera anak hahaha. Emir even cries when we already out from Ben's because we force-strapped him to the stroller.

We stopped at Kinokuniya because the place has this wide fountain view area and kids love to sits there but bila sampai tengok-tengok the glass is covered with book shelves. I think this is the new setting, maybe tanak bagi budak2 lepak sana lama. Bring them to stationary area and that will be a heaven for me and Zahra but after a while, Emir starts to pull off all the hanged stationary and then run to the escalator again!

So that's it lah..we call it a day!

And yes, both of us didn't eat anything for lunch, except the extra bits from the kids pasta and chocolate milkshake & banana peanut butter milkshake at Ben's.

On the way to the parking, this little man doze off while holding his drink. Helooooooo! You should have fallen asleep when mommy slowly devouring her yummy lunch isk isk isk.

So there goes all my imaginary foods and the desserts! I spied Macademia cakes sobsssss..

Seems like eating out with kids is still an impossible mission for us. Nevermind, I'll come again to Ben's on our dating day! ;)

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  1. nampak sedap jer makanan dekat Ben tu...hihihi!!blogwalking
    jemputla ke blog saya dan kita bertukar-tukar link pulak..:)