Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eating Out With Kids Nowadays

Remember when I said, no more eating out a couple of months ago? Because I truly can't handle both them being playful. 

We have loosen up a bit lately where I will consider to eat out, but with one rule of thumb - a third party has to join us, doesn't matter who they are, family or friends, as long as not only just two of us. We still taking care the kids throughout the meal but the burden is lifted a little bit when there are extra hands. If family, we can split the kids' attention to many so won't have this thumping heart every time they climb chairs, and if with friends, they will behave...slightly better, so we can eat in slight peace hehehe.

Below is our recent rendezvous with my parents in law, where we had lunch at Subang Ria, PJ. It's hawker style restaurant where all hawkers in their carts sit under one roof. This place can be very hot and stuffy sometime (and the kids will be restless) but thank God it was raining that day, so no extra sweaty armpits there.

Hensem boy stays with mommy, and Zahra with daddy...

Only for a while. I haven't finished the mee kari and the kids gone wild already. Hensem boy as usual, can't sit still and the big sister doesn't want to miss the bandwagon. She stacked the chair and doing all sorts of actions. 

Zahra is a fussy eater. She hardly eats anything, which I still don't come to any conclusion, either she doesn't like my cooking, or she just doesn't like to eat. So we have to insist and persuade her, we even bribe her (well, it doesn't work anymore as she will ask back what kind of gift we will give her if she eats, that cunning little one!), praise her (kalau makan cantik and clever macam barbie *sigh*), etc. 

Most of the time it will be MrComot's task hehehe...and his favourite one will be this one

"Ok Zahra buat mulut shark"

And he has to open his mouth as wide as he can, being a shark too!

Well, it can be quite lonely for a shark to eat alone right? So two sharks it is.

Picture of the day

Thank you hubby..without you, people will mistaken my daughter as some pelarian, where food is scarce for them.

Another place we went was Fatty Crab Taman Megah for dinner. You know that place right, impossible to bring kids (well, my kids in this case). Our hands will be dirty with crabs and I don't think I will have appetite to eat any, with them being this active.

So we went there with my parents in law and my sister a few weeks ago - that will be 3 extra helping hands and things still got out of control.

Daddy's little hero in mischief department!

They can't sit still until end of dinner. In fact, they've been running in the restaurant and playing by the longkang next to the shop, admiring the cockroaches and all the dirt. Ughhhhhhhh! Emir siap kejar lipas ok. He took a dried leave and poke the crawling cockroach. That guy! At first I marah jugak, but in the end layan je la. I just make sure he didn't touch anything unnecessary. 

I wonder how other parents train their kids to behave. Kalau bagi tablet or phone pun tak jalan. There is this one table next to us, with a toddler who sleeps peacefully inside a carrier, despite of all the noise and hype. Kagum ok kitaorg tengok.

Last but not least, his photo eating a chicken wing, with his long hair! 

He looks so girlish and we call him tomato-man/watermelon-man because of the roundish hair hahaha. This is before I cut his hair, which the after-cut still looks a girl. Well, I wanted to save few bucks...but seems like we have to bring him to a proper barber later. MrComot has been chanting to me that Emir looks like a girl with that haircut which translate to my haircut skill is bad haha.

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