Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Iftar @ Tropicana Golf Club

Finally, after a month lacking with update, here I am trying to get my lazy fingers typing. Well, I do a lot of typing in between but only not for my blog. Oh well..

Anyway salam Syawal everyone!! Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin. 

How was your raya? We went back to Terengganu and it was awesome, like a-w-e-s-o-m-e. The kids had so much fun (since they are bigger now) and I'm going to share lotsa stories with you, insyaAllah.

By the way, this is super late entry, about our iftar last Ramadhan at Tropicana Golf Club. Nothing to shout about, only that we didn't eat outside at all during last Ramadhan except for 2 days (this one and another one, a birthday party hosted by my friend). Mula2 teringin jugak nak makan luar but come to think, breaking the fast with these 2 combo (zahra and emir) I rather stuck at home. There are at super active phase and can't sit still especially Emir. 

But then, my uncle invited us, including my younger sister so it will be about 10 of us with 5 kids with around their age, I think ok la kot, I can use the extra hand and guards. Kalau 2 orang confirm I tanakkkkk.

The food quite nice especially their sup keting and gearbox, nyum nyum! The best thing is they don't crowd the place to maximize the profit. You know, with kids, I need a lot of space. But not that spacious so that we can walk freely but still contained, so takdela risau sgt. So since space dia besar, boleh minimize accidents like bumping into each other butts and splattering broken glass. 

First round 

 My greens that night, mushroom with kailan oyster. I love this this but it will be tastier with chili padi. This one normal one, chinese style.

 Grilled seafood

 chinese style sweet sour clams. Super tasty! I had 3 full plates of this thing only!!

Emir with his satay

Zahra running in the surau. It was a ballroom I think, splitted into two (for men and ladies). The wallpaper looking so posh with the embossed gold design. Anyway, my kids were super hyper that night and they've been running here and there in the surau. There wasn't so many people in it but hopefully the makcik2 won't be so uptight about it :-S

Admiring the koi pond 

The highlight of the night was live band show! Well, I didn't know the singer, or the band but apparently they are some artist who always perform on kopi-O show. Emir enjoys is sooo much, so so much that he wouldn't budge even though I was saying goodbye to him. He sit still and doesn't even care when I started to walk away.

The coffee house was about to close already and the band is packing up but Emir sit still so she said, "oklah..one more song for the kids, 'sayang'" - shae's song and she request the kids to sing along or dance. But my kids..only poyo in front of the parents, dekat public pemalu la haii..so terus jadi batu duduk diam2 dengar kakak tu nyanyi hahaha.

Overall it was a good night. The kids behaving quite well (except the hyperness in the surau), ate some food (despite of being fussy eater), enjoyed the show and the most important thing, they fell asleep easily! Putting them in bed is such a hard work nowadays and I really appreciate it when they sleep before 12midnight!

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