Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan 2013 / 1434H

Read this on my friend's FB and tickle my laughing nerve. That will be a fresh one for this Ramadhan!

Hope you guys are doing well. It's the time for us to reflect ourselves, stay put to the ground, be humble and kind.

And may the positive attitude last us throughout the year, not only in this Holy month. May Allah bless us too and I thank Him for giving me this opportunity, to meet Ramadhan again. Syukran ya Allah.

To all my fellow readers and Muslims, happy Ramadhan. Celebrate it the way of Rasulullah SAW.. don't eat too much when break the fast, sahur at end of the time, break the fast with dates, pray a lot, read Quran, etc.. just simple thing but insyAllah will bring baroqah in your life. Ameeen...

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