Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Drama

MrComot had a whole week training at The Gardens last week. I picked the kids first then pick him at The Gardens. Zahra was very excited and keep on asking

"Mommy, ni tempat apa? Zahra nak pergi, Zahra suka"

I just replied solemnly

"Ok..nanti mommy bawak"

But on Wednesday she threw tantrums and cried begging me to bring her to The Gardens, keep on telling me that she loves The Garden (as if she remembers she ever been in The Gardens pun) so I decided to stop by on Thursday.

On Thursday, everything went well..except for the traffic. We reached quite late already, almost Maghrib time, so we play around the food court area (they have new spacious surau there), had our Maghrib there, ate claypots at the food court since I don't feel like eating anything fancy.

Then we off to Baskin Robbins for a treat for the kids. I ordered 3 scoops (chocolates, cotton candy, love potion) with fancy wafer cup dipped in colorful sprinkles. Everyone seems happy, have mouthful or icecream the kids start to move around, a sign of hyper-ness, I let Emir run around, was about to take out my phone from my handbad, because I want to snap the pretty icecream and upload it to instagram, and then BANG! 

Emir fell, head flat into the ground, with his hand holding one of the queue divider rod.

Something like this:

I quickly ran to him, lift him up and lift that rod, oh's real heavy. Thank God it didn't fell on his chest.

My little boy cried his lung out and it was a real drama that time. The crowd stunned to silence. MrComot was carrying him trying to calm him down and I was watching over Zahra and that is when suddenly Emir let this waterfall vomit out where we can see all his dinner and icecream smacked on the floor, right at the corner of BR seating (thank God, it was at a little corner, I am embarrassed enough). The vomit has some strains of red color and MrComot asking me if it's blood.

My heart skipped too, but I was thinking, how can it be blood, because there is no injury in the stomach. Unless it's from his head. That must be something he had during the dinner, then I remembered "aha! Emir minum sirap bandung tadi".

I was so calm that I think I pissed MrComot a little bit. I know I'm weird like that, I can be really cool for emergency case but turn upside down on normal situation, really kalut. Maybe I was too shocked, so I decided to cut my emotion off and become stoned cold.

After the vomit, I hold Emir while MrComot cleans his shirt with tissue paper (vomit all over him too), pat Emir softly and insist that we stay for a few minutes so that Zahra can have few more bites of the icecream before I pack it up. So calm right? I also can't believe myself.

Emir bounces to normal like, right after and sibuk tolak kerusi boleh? That little man la..memang boys mcm tu kot. Ganas and tak insaf *sigh*

After a while, I went to the counter to pack our icecream and the worker asked me if Emir's ok

"Kak..ok ke? Darah ke tu?"

I was having this imaginary burst of laugh in my mind, imagining that they must be thinking I'm such a bad mom, anak muntah darah pun boleh lagi makan icecream macam biasa.

"Oh tak..dia minum sirap tadi. Nampak macam ok, nanti malam akak kena monitor tengok macam mana"

I'm not a bad mom, just a cool mom ok? Hahaha

Anyway part of the incident was my fault too, because I was busy holding my phone instead of being alert when he was playing with the divider. Mommy so sorry Emir :(

Alhamdulillah he is fine, until now. No concussion or sequence vomit after the incident. 

Tips of the day, if your child fell, just monitor if he vomits within 24 hours, or acts funnily, quickly bring him to hospital. Macam Emir tu dia vomits right after he fell, because he's crying so hard, not because of the concussion. So I just monitor him throughout the day and nothing alarming, so I didn't take him to the doctor. Well, doctor will tell me the same thing too "balik tengok ur anak muntah ke tak" ;)

A picture of them having fun, just before dinner and the incident.

I'll train myself to be more alert after this, and won't clutch to my phone that much!

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