Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Little Zorros

Ok this is about the second iftar that we had last Ramadhan. It is a birthday party at Denai Alam Recreational Club hosted by a friend of mine, celebrating her daughter's 1st birthday, lucky kid! They got this iftar package with free horse riding and archery, throughout the night.

It was Zahra's and Emir's first experience with horse. I dah imagine Zahra will cry and I have to pujuk her riding the horse but surprisingly, she was very excited and keep on tugging my shirt asking for horse riding when we reached the place. 

I had to calm her down and force her to eat and keep on saying 

"Zahra kena makan, nanti Zahra takde energy nak naik kuda"

Then she'll eat just a bite and ask when we can ride the horse again and again.

Emir as usual is the brave one. He didn't feel intimidated with the horse and willingly riding it alone! My little Zorro.

Zahra on the other hand, even though she is excited, she only willing to ride it individually after saw Emir doing it. Nampak sangat takut jugak sikit. My scaredy-cat Zorro hehe..

I wanted to snap a better picture of them with the horse (it's a pony actually) but MrComot afraid the flash will scare the pony off and it will fled and the kids jatuh. So all the picture is above the pony's head (to escape the eyes). Okaayy..mommy sibuk nak amik gamba tak terfikir menda2 macam tu.

Anyway the kids had soooo much fun and I'm quite happy that they taking the horse riding pretty well. Naik sampai beround-round. And Zahra been raving about the horse riding for days after that! Thank you my friend for this lovely party ;)

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