Monday, October 3, 2011

Tough Day

Had a tough day yesterday...maybe one of the toughest.

Everybody is not happy yesterday, since morning.. Me, MrComot and my little pwincess Zahra. It's medicine day and Zahra still rolling with 'I don't want to eat anything for breakfast!'. In fact she didn't want to eat anything the whole day.

I gave her lotsa thing this morning, toast, bread with jam, butter biscuits..I even made her chicken nugget, from scratch! And it is yummy kid you not. Tapi tanakkkk tanakkkk tanakkkk. Kalau tanak makan but drink milk pun ok..but she has been on milk boycott since last week where she only takes her milk before sleep. I even tried to change different milk, tanakkk jugak. In the end she had some brocolli soup at almost 11am and we managed to force feed her the medicine without her throwing up.

Then MrComot made her usual soup today. It's fish soup day and we faced another challenge. She refused her lunch. I was very tired to pujuk her makan and change the role with MrComot. He tried to feed Zahra while I had my hot bath and when I went down, MrComot was mopping and cleaning the floor while lecturing Zahra. Apparently she made a fuss with her daddy and the food was flying everywhere.

We had to go out for lunch and find booster seat for Zahra, so I said ok la..tanak makan sudah. Maybe she wants her lunch later. While dukung Zahra, hubby keep on lecturing her, about how other kids are unlucky not getting enough food, about how he spent the whole morning making her food and yet she doesn't want to eat, etc etc. Of course Zahra won't understand it, but I just kept quiet. What worry me is, it's so not MrComot to nag. It shows that he is very stress and frustrated with what is happening. Thus, it makes me sad to see him like this :(

We had yummilicious lunch at Village Park and thank God Zahra was all ok. Not really ok, but we managed to eat so it's a good thing. She threw a short tantrum when a family with kids wearing angry birds shirt sitting next to our table and Zahra keep on screaming wanting the angry bird. Haiyohhhhh...first time ok dia mcm tu. Normally she will be alright when I say, ok...nnt we see angry bird ok..say bye bye to angry bird. I even ON the angry bird video in my handphone and she still mad. Apparently she was angry at the little girl, telling me that the little girl 'can't wear' angry bird. Luckily the family found bigger table for them and moved and Zahra back ok when the shirt is out of her sight.

The drama didn't end there. She pooped after we back home and refused to be washed, instead want to play with the water. It's 3pm and I'm almost worn out and couldn't help it but pukul her kaki and dragged her to wash the poop. Sorry baby, mommy dah penat sangat tunggu. Haihh...I was really at the edge of my patience. She keep on crying because that's the first time I punish her and it doesn't end there, she refused to drink milk and all she wanted to do is breastfeed. It doesn't help that I'm so tired with my condition lagi and MrComot is mad as well. He keep on saying don't give in, let her learn, we are spoiling her, etc etc. Just imagine we are having a war on the bed...Zahra keep on crying sampai tersedak2 while pulling my shirt want to latch, while I keep on quiet prentending to be sleeping and MrComot keep on pujuk her to drink the formula milk. It was a heartbreaking situation. In the end I couldn't take it and my mother instinct saying 'bagi je la..she just want a comfort' so I gave in and MrComot marah la... I know he is frustrated, he is worried about me not getting enough rest. Siap apa analogy ntah apa2 ok, I'm going to deliver if I'm tired breastfeeding Zahra. I'm draining myself la apa la, nanti how to nurse Zahra and babyG la.. He knows about tandem nursing, but he's more worried about my health. It's hard ok, to cold turkey wean Zahra..and it's a bit too late to me. Kalau nak wean, have to do it earlier. So I advise mommies semua, wean few months earlier.

Ok, enough about that..we thought we will have a nice night, when suddenly somebody rang the door bell looking for me, during Maghrib! Betul2 time Maghrib..tengah azan ok kat masjid. I have this pet peeves org datang rumah time Maghrib, unless it is unavoidable, like you are from somewhere far a way or just happen to come here ke apa ke.

And guess what siapa yg looking for me? MLM PEOPLE OKKKKKK!!!

What the ....

Definitely not a good day to mess with me. After what I've been through during the day.

And she's not even my friend!!!!

Actually she came to the house once, as part timer cleaner. Now she quit the cleaning job and doing MLM. Ok, I already know that she's involved with this MLM but it's quite daring of her to come promote MLM and bring TWO OTHER speakers to preach me right? I think it's a bit too much...

At first I don't know their intention, I thought they just want to visit me, so I just invite them in and siap apologize to the akak (cleaner) that I was so busy to re-hire her..busy with lotsa thing and plus Zahra not so well. Then she ask Zahra sakit apa, so I just briefed a bit and then they said..wahhh good for me, there is a cure for Zahra's condition.

I was like, what the hell... They ni bomoh ke apa.. Because I haven't finish explaining Zahra's condition and they are clueless like a blonde when I mentioned 'Nephrotic Syndrom' and just drop the topic as they don't know what the hell is that.

But ok la..I pun malas nak bagitahu banyak buat air and invite them for a drink and ask them directly what they want - despite of visiting me.

Haaa ni kebetulan, anak adik sakit ni..kesian dia kecik2..adik kena beli tilam panas dengan penapis air ni, memang boleh sembuh penyakit anak adik

Whhaaaatttttt the .#$#%$^^%^

Do you even understand Zahra punya sakit? How dare of she to diagnose and tell me the solution like that. And just by drinking filtered water? And tido atas tilam panas?


Not I underestimate the product. Actually I've listened to this MLM group few years back, so I know what are they selling. It's nothing, a normal water filter and a chargeable mattress that can keep u warm.

And ada hati tu nak compare with other company when I said, oh nevermind, ada org already offered saya Hai-O water filter.

Ehhh tak sama adik..water filter Hai-O is reverse osmosis and ours are treatment water.

Ok now you tell me, am I that stupid? Treatment apanya?

I don't want either water filter okkkkkkkk. Hai-O ke, urs ke..dua-dua tipu overpriced. I want to buy Philips, baru berapa ringgit.

That's not the point.

Then they stayed up with their preaches (that up to a point I want to cry!) because I hate it. I hate MLM. I have nothing against MLM people, it's just MLM is not my thing ok. And dah la timing tak kena.

Oh oh oh..they said, if I can buy toys for Zahra thousands (siap pointing to Zahra's toys on the ABC mat) but why I'm not willing to spend for her health?

Like WTF kan?

Macam dia kenal I macam mana. I nak beli barney kat Zahra tu pun fikir seribu kali ok. But I never compromised about her health. I'm not being defensive, it's just, as a high ranking leader in MLM group, how can you approach people like that? When you don't even know them. It's like you are picking any point you can think of, hoping it is a jackpot! Yeah..kakak yg cakap mcm tu is about to get a BMW or Merc next month..she is CDM or DDM something I'm not sure, tak hafal lah!

Then the other kakak pulak have different approach, keep on saying about the money we spent buying things from the MLM will go to anak yatim and they will read Al-Quran for us 1000 times.

Double WTF kan?

Ingat derang takde keja lain ke nak baca 1000 kali? Kot yer pun nak propah..agak-agak la kan?

And bla bla bla bla...

At least the cleaner is being honest with me. She said please support her, as she needs people under her. I get her intention. She needs to move up. But bringing over the two other akak, unexpectedly to my home sweet home is too much la.

Anyway I memang dah tak I just sign up for membership where I can buy stuff at member's price. It's less than RM100 per life, so I'm thinking, what the heck kan.. hahh sign cepat2 and that's it, I don't want to get in touch with them anymore.

Hopefully they won't kacau me again after this. I'm not interested in finding downline even I don't have to do the work.

Oh ya..they don't even ask if we are going to have our dinner ke apa ke. I mean, you are barging in people's house during Maghrib, it's dinner time la kan. Dah la I kelam kabut nak suap Zahra time tu, and as usual Zahra doesn't want to eat and want me to hold her all the time. They don't even care ok!!

As long as they can sell the thing to me. Sucker!

We had our dinner around 9PM with burger Ramly tepi jalan. I was so tensed and wanted to get some air, so MrComot drove me and Zahra there to tapau it. While waiting for the burger, I keep on whining about the MLM thing and told him that I want to weep about the MLM thing because I am so sad...and tired, after what we have been through during the day kan.

MrComot was tired as well but he pushed it aside and tried to entertain me

'Sayang jangan la know dulu masa me student pun me kena pow by strangers..bla bla bla...'

Kesian dia..I'm so touched. He looks worn out as well, tapi tetap utamakan my happiness, and be chatty with happy face.

And again, Zahra refused her dinner. I even changed the menu, turned the fish into sweet sour fish. I even gave her rice with kicap!!! She can't take heavy salted food yet but I was thinking, what the hell, it's better than her not eating at all. But kicappppp pun tanak. In the end she ate a a hard-boiled egg. Phew...better than nothing.

What a day!

Anyway, I read that toddler refusing food because of control. It's something the figured out and they know they can have control over it. What I need to do is show NO frustration and let her. But keep on offering her food. Somehow she will take it when she's hungry. Tapi ya lah..risau la kan tanak makan. Furthermore, it'll be harder on medicine day. She has to eat something before the medicine.

So I'm going to change my tactic now. Kalau tanak makan sudah....I won't be mad, I won't force her. I'll wait until her lunch, somehow she will eat a bit for lunch, and then baru I give her the medicine.

Oklah..gotta update with happy entry before babyG pop out :D

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  1. Wow! Sy yg baca pun mmg meletihkan. Tiba-tiba teringat pengalaman mak sy sendiri psl bf nie. Adik sy yg bongsu yg tak nak lgsg susu lain. Apa yg die nak cuma mak sy. Pening kepala....

  2. uuuuu memang la rasa macam2 kalo cmni..sabar2..put on ur happy face!! Memang cmni la ada budak kecik. Ada hari tu meragam tak tentu pasal. Apa kita buat semua tak kena ditambah lagi dengan anasir2 luar yang tak diundang..

  3. Oh my, kesian nya.
    If it was me, I would shout at the MLM people and asked them to get out of my house. I might even call the guard!
    HAhahah. Like u, I don't like MLM either.

    Take care Aan. Hope Zahra will be on best behaviour when baby G comes!

  4. Salam,

    Me baca pun penat. Me now hampir SEMUA pass kat ZwanZwan. Tapi i have to step in bila ZwanZwan mula guna bahasa 'tangan'. Melalak-lalak, meleleh-leleh ingus kena bedal, tapi abih nangis, carik Babah dia balik :P