Monday, October 10, 2011

Third 10.10

Today is our 3rd anniversary!

The first year, we were busy scouting for hospitals for me to deliver Zahra. I was about 6 months back then.

Second year we were busy doing..hmm i don't remember. But I remember we had lunch at papparich. No celeberation.

This year, we are busy handling a toddler and newborn baby. We only had a few moment this evening wishing each other happy anniversary with teary eyes haha! Teary because so tired and sad, no time to celeberate, also the tears of happiness, it has been 3 years ups and downs together! And the touching we are so grateful to complete each other and sail the life hands in hands.

Anyway, another thing that I'm sedih, I have to missed big bad wolf event! Benci benci benci! Last year I siap imagine I'm going to bbw and leave Zahra at babysitter so I can succumb myself with piles of cheap books. But not complaining here, a baby is better kan hehe. Hopefully I can go next year.

Oh ya, talking about 10.10, we are kinda hoping babyG pop out on this date. But terawal 5 hari hehe.

To hubby, I love you so much!

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  1. Happy 3rd anniversary!! May Allah bless all of u and wishing u for more happiness and joy for the future! :)

  2. happy anniversary Aan..and its my birthday..eheheheeh...kalau baby G kuar , leh sambut sesama ngan autie...

  3. dear,happy anniversary!!!may u be blessed w happy fam ever ;) -ainul-

  4. tenkiu meng, feens, ida, ainul.. Wahh cantiknya birthday auntie ida :)

  5. alamak lupa nak wish kt fb, happy birthday idaaaa! Sweet 17 kan hehe