Saturday, October 8, 2011

Milk Jealousy

Hi all,

Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. Sorry I can't reply each comment as I only manage to read them from my phone. Both mommy and baby are doing well, but still having a hard time coping with the changes.

Wanted to upload babyG's pic but we still don't give him any name yet! So macam x best nak introduce without the name hehe.

Zahra is very gentle to her little brother. She cheerfully will shout 'babyyyy' whenever she sees babyG and pat him gently while saying 'yanggggg' for sayangggg. She even point out all the features, taa (mata), dung (hidung), wambut (rambut), ka..kii..(kaki), etc.

Overall she looks fine with babyG in the house, BUT she went berserk when she saw babyG latch on me and screaming 'babbbbyyyyyy...mamaaaaa...bakkkkk... No no no no...' Bak is for my boobs fyi and she even tried to hit her brother during the breastfeeding session. We had to keep her far or better out of sight when I want to bf babyG but somehow she notice it when babyG making sounds or crying for milk. Automatically dia pun sibuk cry nak milk.

I can't stop her immediately as she will feel babyG is stealing the 'bak' from her and we let babyG wins. So I just play along and let her latch when time permits. The thing is, she always wants it when babyG needs it. And she purposely taking long time and refused to let go even though the milk is finished and keep on saying 'Za..ya' for Zahra while tapping my 'bak', telling me the bak is hers. Adoi...

But things getting better today as I slowly know how to tackle this, and also my milk start pouring I get to drunk Zahra and babyG, hence both babies are satisfied now. BabyG sleeps longer and Zahra stop faster.

We also managed to wean her during the night, as I sleep downstairs and she will sleep with MrComot upstairs. I still can hear she's crying for me last night a couple of time asking for 'bak' but MrComot just carry her and after some times she will back to sleep.

Seems like it's gonna a sleepless night for 3 of us but I hope she's getting better soon. So much of milk jealousy and drama.

Zahra and babyG this morning

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  1. comelnya zahra, comelnya babyG. i am very happy for you aan. again, congratulation =)

  2. Hi Aan, if you can recall.. i am the one sending you emails regarding baby food, months ago. Since then, being hooked or addicted to read your blog and reading about zahra :) she is so comel lah!
    Anyway, congrats for the newborn baby. Do have a lots of rest ya! And my prayer for Zahra too. Amin
    Salam ukhuwah.

  3. It will take sometimes for everyone to adjust but i think its normal la to have this love-jealousy drama. Cute!! Cute!!

  4. AsSalam,

    Zahra nampak montel. Water retension kah?
    babyG kecik jer tapi tulang besi urat dawai tu...
    so la ni, Zahra dihantar ke rumah babysitter kah?
    your mum ada ka? hihihi... walau jumpa kejap but Windu la! :P

    apa-apa pun jaga diri~
    bleh kami serang your house?

  5. Aan, sy selalu bygkan keletihan Aan. Entahlah. Dgn Zahra (comel) dan tiba-tiba adiknya pulak (pun comel). Sy harap, semuanya dlm keadaan yg baik.

    Zahra, sayang adik banyak2 ok? Sayang dia. Muaaah!

  6. alaaaa tiannya Zara jealous susu dia kena amik ngan adik dah...geram betul tengok mata Zara ni..ishhh kalau depan mata ni confirm kena cubit lagi pipi dia..hehhehe, lotsssss of kiss to baby G..bila nak kasi nama An..??

  7. Thanks Ain, Hamiza, Fitri, Fara..penat tapi motherhood is something that we should cherish and enjoy. Trying to enjoy it hehe

    Tatty, tu la..x nampak mcm 3.4! But me dah timbang again, confirm haha. My mom ada come la anytime. Me belum hantar pegi bbsitter, one of these days kut. Zahra bambam effect ubat kut..hopefully not water retention, me pun x sure sgt. Esok buat blood test/checkup. Hopefully ok...

    Ida, nama akan reveal soon hehe

  8. wahhh,i cannot tahan,nak tls jgk, c0000melllnya meke dua!love this pic! =) congrats ann!kisses for zahra n babyG.. -ainul-