Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sleeping War

I would like to share one story, about our sleepless night, having sleep war with Zahra, after Emir popped out.

The first night I was admitted (gave birth to Emir), my PIL helped to tuck Zahra in, and kira gamble habis. Because, Zahra never sleep without me. Not even 1 year 10 months. So it was a disaster, as storied by my MIL. Zahra keep on waking up every hour and crying 'mamaaaa...dadddyyyy' and keep on pointing to my stuff and crying 'maaamaaa' again and again until morning.

Well that's not about it.

After I returned home, we decided to sleep separately, Zahra upstairs with MrComot and I'm downstairs in the confinement room with Emir. Big part of it because I don't want both babies wake up at the same time and I can't breatstfeed both of them yet. Emir has the priority. We gone cold turkey for 11 days and guess what? It almost drive us crazy!

Zahra keep on waking up every 2-3 hours and crying looking for me. Daddy pun dia tanak. The biggest reason is because she is so used to latch on me and she still wants it. I know it's partly my fault as I didn't wean her earlier but the thing is dia bukan minum sangat, she just want the comfort chest for her to hug. I read around and they said to wean a toddler at 2yrs old (zahra is 1y10m) is tough because they are emotionally attached.

And separating the sleep give huge impact to her. MrComot had to carry her downstairs upstairs repeat until she fell back to sleep, and do it again couple of hours later, again and again until morning. The impact not only affecting Zahra, but also MrComot. What happen to a human that doesn't have enough rest and sleep, and have to deal with a cranky toddler the next morning? A cranky monster! Hehe I'm exaggerating, takdela monster but kesian my hubby, penat sgt and that made him cranky as well. Dengan siang nya nak kena jaga Zahra, bath her, make her food, put her to nap (without me again), feed her, etc etc. It's an endless job..luckily he was on paternity leave for a he can live with scarce sleep.

After 11 days of crying nights, I don't see our way working and coincidentally I spill my frustration over this situation to my makcik urut and she said;

'laaaa.....tido pisah ke. Patutla dia menanges..budak yg biasa susu memang mcm tu. Tido la skali..mesti tak apa-apa. Kesian dia'

And I gave it a hard thought, to sleep together with Zahra. Because once I do it, I can't fall back right? And it will ruined our hard 11-days of no-mummy-at-night training. If we want to fall back, it will start like zero days and might be tougher as she knows somehow she can get her mummy. But if it succeed, both of us can have our sleep.

Since MrComot is going back to work, I said jomlah we try Zahra sleeping with me and Emir. It was on Monday night, and guess what? It works!

Zahra sleep through out the night and so MrComot - get to get his sleep. Finally! If I know it will be this easy, I will do this from day 1 haha.

Anyway she woke up one or two times checking on me and I just say 'Zahra pegi bam balik, mummy ada' and she will fall back to sleep. Ocasionally she will want to latch, so I just give it like a minute or so and soothe her back to sleep and she's all alright. Phewwww...

Since it's not good for me to climb stairs during confinement, we squeeze everybody in the confinement room. Took out the baby cot and lay down cotton mattress and tripple up with 2 toto (cheap polyester mattress). It's not as comfortable as my bed, but it's good enough! Btw, it's queen sized so only 3 of us using the space. MrComot sleep outside at the hall on the ABC playmat. I asked him to sleep upstairs in the bedroom since I can manage both babies but he refused and said he can't hear me if he is upstairs, so whateverlah, as long as he can sleep peacefully :)

Our 'bed' with my two babies. Sleeping soundly as long as mommy is there.

The first thing that Zahra will do after wakes up, is to kacau her adik. Nak kiss la..nak sayang la.. She loves to rub Emir's head and face and when Emir open his mouth she will tell me Emir nak mamam haha. So comel.

The breastfeeding jealousy already toned down. She's fine now if I BF Emir, only sometimes she wants it too, so I have to give one side for her, one side for Emir. Susah jugak because sometimes dia macam compete with Emir. The faster Emir sucks, the faster she sucking too and drink all the milk. So I have to BF Emir longer for the refill and very tired as well. We are slowly weaning her and I'll share the story if we succeed!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Aan,

    Betul ckp Makcik Urut tu. Nape pisahkan? Huhuhuhu...

    Sy bukan hanya kesian kat Zahra tp jugak kat hubby Aan. Peh, dpt bygkan seksanya mcm ne.

    Tp skg seme okeh kan? Seronoklak tgk dua beradik tu. Heheheh!

  2. HAHAHa..funny la zahra ni. sebelah dia, sebelah emir. mesti kalau dia nampak emir sucking faster, dia pun melawan sbb nak dapat lebih..smbil berkata, "ooo..nk amik susu mommy lebih ye, kakak pun boleh la"

  3. Dua2 sgt cute.. Tula budak ni kalo dah attach dengan kita eps yg BF memang la jd cmtu bila mak nye takde.. Thank God sume dh okay sket.. So Aan kena banyak makan suppliment la untuk dpt balik energy ok..

  4. salam,

    sebelah Emir, sebelah Zahra...
    tetiba akal jahat me terpk sesuatu yang sungguh 'jahat'...

    ampun Aan...
    ingat nak serang your house weekend ni, bleh? :P

  5. hahaha..macam aqil dgn marissa..bgn pagi2 aqil akan kacau marissa dlu..maria balik spital je mmg bg 2 2 mcm beranak twin pn ada..bila abg minum adik pn nangis nak minum,..aishh..but so far im enjoying the moment..

  6. Fara, tu pun x tahu kenapa me terfikir nak pisahkan. Me thot it will be easier kut. Anyway thank God semua dah ok now

    Khairiah, tu la...kosser ok. Boleh tahan dengkinya si akak tu. Nasib baik emir kecik, so dia pasrah je x melawan balik hehe

    Fitri, tak sangka bonding BF kuat sangat kan. A'ah me have to eat a lot, n supplement too. Ni pun dah kurus sgt dah :(

    Tatty, me still x boleh tangkap apa yg 'jahat' tu. Spiiiiiillllll :p anyway dtg je anytime, but sms dulu la in case anything kan. Tapi my mom xde tau haha

    M@ri@, tu laa mcm kembar! Masalahnya sorang kembar tu 10kilo. Kalau minum sambil baring, sakit pinggang me :( trying to enjoy it tooo hehe

  7. takutnya...takutnya...camne ni esok...aan,do share wean off story ok?