Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet Thing

This is not a show off entry, just something that made me went awwwwwww hehehe.

Well, it's already 2nd oct and I have no sign going into labor yet. My EDD is 6th by the way.

As usual I'm browsing blogs, reading lotsa things after Zahra goes to sleep (she dozed off at 12 midnight today! Phewww tough night) and MrComot was downstairs with his works. Suddenly he came up with a jar of water,

Hey sayang tak tido lagi?
Hmmm hmmmm(busy browsing, so tak menjawab sgt haha)
Me made you air yassin. Minum nanti.
Hahhhh? (paused a few seconds to absorb)
Awwww should me cryyyyyy?
No need (walked out from the room)


I know it's nothing biggie air yassin or stuff like that, but knowing my husband..he's not the 'alim' side. Memang biasa habis hehehe, so this is a bit unexpected of him, and I find it's sweet for him to do this. I mean it needs some effort and the thought is count right? And I went awwwwwww for few minutes, that I decided to write about this. So next time when I'm mad at him, I'll read this entry and remember how kind he was to me.

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  1. auww..
    Aan.. best wishes..for ur 2nd labor :D take care darlzz

  2. Hope you'll have a smooth delivery... :) I'm sure Zahra can't wait to see her sibling...

  3. Hheheheheheh...

    All the best! Tak sbr nak kenal dgn adik Zahra.

  4. No matter which date adik Zahra gonna be delivered, he/she will make one awesome October baby for a start! (Coz I'm one too! Haha!) Take care, Aan!

  5. Salam,

    me dok ingat Baby G dah kluar, tapi belum ye. Seronok sgt dalam tu...

    Apa pun ALL THE BEST!
    Semoga Allah permudahkan proses bersalin ni. amin~