Monday, October 17, 2011

The Prince

We have decided the name!

Welcome to the world, Emir Qalef!

Actually we already agreed with Emir, only the second name tak decide. And I'm fine with one word name only, Emir bin Elias, simple kan? But MrComot insists to have two words sebab Zahra two words kan. And it will be nice if we can find name started with Z but semua tak berkenan. In the end, Qalef it is!

Anyway, Emir is derivation from Amir and it brings the meaning of Prince and Qalef (pronounce as Khalif, Caliph) means successor (in Islam, it has narrow meaning to successor of Muhammad SAW).

It has been 12 days and Emir is such an angel. He sleeps most of the time and is a healthy baby. In fact, he doesn't have jaundice like Zahra's last time, only the minor jaundice that incur in breastfed baby.

On the feeding, Alhamdulillah, he is on breastmilk all the time. I'm practicing tandem nursing now, and the milk is not that much yet, thus Emir has to latch longer for refill when Zahra drank his portion, but he's getting what he needs, that is what important. And Zahra don't fancy my milk anymore, she just wants to latch together with Emir. It's more to attachment/bonding and rivalry. If I initiate plays or activities, she will forget about the boobies. But the diversion is harder than I thought, have to be very patience about it.

One thing I notice about Emir, he is the 'penggeli' type. He will squirm and squirm and refuse any feeding when he poops! Even it's only a squirt. I guess because he can feel it with his crotch. And he will only sleep tight and latch after I cleaned him. While Zahra pulak tak kisah berak ke apa, kalau bagi latch je tak tolak! Haha. I just finished a whole pack 52 pieces of diaper within 8 days! Pitam mak macam ni.

The stool already changed from green moss to yellowish mustard and very loose. It's the common form for breastfed Alhamdulillah, he's doing well. His umbilical cord falls off on the 9th day, the belly button not totally dried, but doctor said it's fine as long as we keep it clean and dry. We don't use the alcohol swab anymore, just clean it with damped cotton ball and wipe it dry.

His sleeping pattern also tuning to ours. He sleeps through the night, and even he wakes up, I just breastfeed him and he will back to sleep. This time it's easier and calmer for me as I don't stress myself anymore and listen to the baby without thinking too much. It helps! It's not literally listen to them but it's like you observe them and feel it with your mother instinct, sure you will know what he wants and voila, tak banyak ragam, senang je nak handle. Maybe because it's my 2nd experience too. And a tip not to tire yourself out, breastfeed while baring! It is a bit uncomfortable for early few times but you'll get it somehow and breastfeeding and sleeping will be a breeze! I don't have to wake up to feed Emir anymore, just BF him while mengiring and check his diaper if he still uncomfortable or refuse the feeding.

I can't tell yet he has whose face, but he has my fingers, neat with nice fingernails *ahem* unlike Zahra, she got MrComot's, the type terkeluar kulit2 kat cuticle. Kesian ok hehehe. Tak kisah, janji it's not painful.

Below is few pics of Emir Qalef..tak ikut susunan, uploaded via my phone.

Emir day #1

Emir day #11

Emir day #6

My confinement also a bit chaotic this time as I'm all alone. My mom is unwell so she has to go back home since she can't really take care of me, and I don't hire any confinement lady, just have normal tukang urut to massage me. We send Zahra to babysitter so ok la..I can manage it. MrComot also get back to work today, but I'm doing ok, only that the house memang sarang kucing la. And coincidently all the part time maids we used to hire ada problem, we deal with 2 agencies before and one senyap je no response, the other one has no worker, haishhh. But I managed to get another contact and she's coming tomorrow. We'll see how.

Anyway I'm ok as I don't have to do anything, except taking care of Emir and cook my own lunch. It's simple and easy, I just pop beef steak with salt and pepper into the oven and made some choy sam soup. Cewahhhh choy sam's sawi btw hehehe.

Have a good Monday everyone!

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  1. hello emir! u so comel like your sister :)

    Welcome to the world sweetheart.Aaan take care ya..but i knew u doing great :)

  2. Glad u r doing well :)
    Wish i could help u in some way but i'm far.
    Take care ok. Hopefully I can see u when I get back.

  3. baby emir,
    cikna rasa mcm kenal jer kain batik yg buat lapik bantal awak on ur 11th day tu
    nanti tnya mommy mana dia dapat ok.. *wink

    aan dear,
    pantang elok2 ok
    me risau bila u ckp u pantang sorang2
    and bila me told my mom bout it, it has been DOUBLE risau

  4. hello emir!. nice name n anT geram sama pp kamu tu. Auwww mesti bau baby wangi, kan Aan?


  5. tertinggal 2-3pgs n3 lepas tuh terkejut tgk muka zahra yg bolattt sunggug, yes, aunty alis pon dulu penah gained 10kg atas sebab yg sama, nak turun balik dah payah.

    welcome baby emir yg comel. harap aan pon baik2 saja ok :)

  6. Hi auntie Lin, thank you! :)

    Fiena, it's ok. I myself cant believe that I managed to go through this confinement alone but God knows better, everything falls nicely. Emir sleeps most of the time, so I can manage. By the time u back home, my confinement is over ok, pffffftttt :p

    Auntie rena, alamak tu kain auntie ke? Mommmyyy dah lupaaaaa okkkkk haha. U bagi hadiah can? Anyway dont worry dear, me ok. Nanti u lagi la..both nak pegi haji kan. Apa kata u lepak rumah me, boleh tolong me sapu sampah :p

    Auntie ann, waaaaangiiiiii. Auntie rindu bau baby yerrr :D

    Alis, ye ke? now u dah off the steroid? Hopefully all is well. doing ok here :D