Monday, October 24, 2011

Confinement's Nom Nom

I miss blogging but I'm busy reading! It has been such a long time I didn't hold any book in my hands and confinement period give me the chance to indulge into it. Nanti I share my current reading.

Anyway, my confinement is a bit boring as I'm all alone, only me and Emir. But I get to sleep a lot, which is good. Plus my favourite tukang urut, K.Ain still couldn't come, and I had my berurut session with another tukang urut I found through agency. Ok la makcik tu, but still tak seterror K.Ain. I had 5 sessions with her and have another 3 pending sessions, that will be on the 20th, 30th and 40th day. After that I still want to see K.Ain for urut. If she can't come, I have to go to her house la :(

Despite the urut thing, I just wear long girdle and it helps! I feel more comfortable walking around compared to not wearing at all. Of course bengkung will be better but tak boleh la, since I have to move a lot, kalau pakai bengkung pun halfway je few hours. I have to cook my lunch, have my bath, then bathe Emir, change his diaper, bf him, etc etc. So ladies, wear ur bengkung or at least girdle. It helps to support your womb, not to look cantik kurus ke apa. The womb still wobbly and soft, that is what K.Ain told me last time.

I skipped all the param pilis thingy because it is too hassle for me. I just make sure I eat right and don't move a lot. Hopefully ok la. Well, I do feel ok hehehe. Just to share with you all my confinement meals!

Steamed cod + ikan bilis w onions, pepper, ginger, goreng without minyak. This one prepared by MrComot. Anyway the ikan bilis is a trial recipe from my tukang urut and I don't quite like it. Maybe MrComot x pandai buat kut sebab the way makcik urut citer mcm sedap giler.

Grilled chicken thigh (salt n pepper only but yummehhh) with celery soup.

Grilled beef steak with salt pepper and choy sam soup. I grilled it in a slab, but the potong pakai gunting hehehe. Senang nak makan.

Chicken fillet fried with tumeric, onions, ginger, tomato, peas and garlic. Kannnnn.. Ayam goreng kunyit je nama sebenar.

Beef soup with leftover ayam goreng kunyit.

Overall it's a good food, takde la boring ke apa. I'm all ok as long as it's not ikan masin only hehehe, and as long as I get my soups. I'm a soupy girl, tak reti makab kering2. But the confinement food is a bit different between Chinese and Malay. As Malay, we can eat beef but not eggs and for Chinese, they eat eggs almost everyday but not meat. That's what my MIL told me lah. Anyway I already started to eat egg on my 18th day, telur dadar yg yummy because got lotsa onions and cili padi! Ooppss, makan sikit je cili padi..buat ubat hehe. Thank God Emir is ok, no sakit perut or whatever.

Oh not to forget, I loveeee plain grilled fish, meaning grill without salt then dip with soy sauce and onion cut. Tapi tu takde gambar pulak. But I can only eat selar. No kembung (mackarel) as they said can make the wound itchy. Basically you can only white meat fish, like cod, selar, white bawal, gelama, etc.

Talking about white bawal, I never know it's expensive! MrComot brought home 2 pieces at about my palm's size and it's RM20!

In between, I take hot milo with biscuits for snacks. You tend to be very hungry most of the time due to breastfeeding and I have at least 3 milo time in a day - morning, evening, and supper. Itu pun I budget2 because too much chocolate not good my digestion too. So I top up with milk, soy milk, and cheese. But nothing more satisfying than a mug of hot milo hmmmm....

As for supplement, I only take phytonatal (nona roguy), calcium and fish oil.

What else can I eat? If you guys have any idea, let me know! And recipes are welcomed! Tapi simple2 je please because I'm not that rajin to cook and wash up the dishes :)

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  1. masa berpantang mom used to feed me kari!! kari ikan...kari ayam..tapi santan tu tukar guna susu..then dia punye kari tu kena kasi pekat sket..

  2. Wow! Lauk pauk pantang yg menyelerakan. Yummeh!

  3. Me pun lapar baca your lauk pantang post :p

  4. wow,aan masak sendiri all da foods?i was thinking nak lay down all day while in confinement nanti.but seeing you cook all da foods made me rethink my decision.

    you're such a super woman,and i highly respect you for dat.always give me da drive and motivation to be a good mother.thanks for sharing your stories =)

  5. Yummy!! My last pantang, I have always love my mil fish soup, hers x bau. She use ikan bawal Putih, and yes it's expensive. Btw, I noticed u using iPad now, guess sabra didn't bring it to the bbsitter? Hehehhe

    Take care aan. Kisses to emir qalef :)

  6. Ahhhh,iPad typo. Not sabra, mean to say zahra.

  7. Salam,

    OK OK! Esok me dah bersalin, Aan bekalkan me lauk pantang ye! MUahahhahah!
    apsal your lauk pantang sgt SEDAP?
    tak puas hati ni!!!

    stokin pakai tak? rambut ikat kuat-kuat tinggi macam tocang pokok kelapa. good for the eyes! pleaase trust me!!! i tot itu dulu saja je.. rupanya... isk, nyesal giler tau!

  8. Fitri, thanks! Me tak terfikir nak letak susu in kari, so boleh makan yeayyy. Sebelum ni derang x bagi sbb santan kan.

    Fara, penting tu, motivasi utk me makan. kenot diet anymore, so kurussss :(

    Cik kopi, you kenot eattttt. Big day is coming up. Dicipline! Hehe

    Ain, I wish i can just lie down..tapi mmg me pantang sorang, so have to la. My mom and MIL both not well so they can't attend like when I was with Zahra. Lagipun kebetulan me kuat sikit this time, Allah knows best I guess. If you have the chance to lie down all day, do it tau! You need the rest. Don't force yourself.

    Feens, so observant hehe. I never let her bring to bbsitter pun but when she's home, the iPad is hers and now she at bbsitter, finally! I can use it hehehe

    Tatty, stokin pakai on and off, you know laa panas kannnnn. Tak tahan ok haha. But the ikat rambut works ke? Damnnn no wonder la my eyes getting rabun and rabun each day. I thought hormon je. Me buat now jugak!