Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sakura is blooming!!!!

Hi guys!!!

Sakura is blooming!!!!!! OMG OMG *inhaleeeee exhaleeeee*

Ops, before I continue the excitement, sorry for no update. I know..mesti ramai nak baca *perasannya :P* buuuuut excuse my perasanness, I pun sooo itchy to read all your blogs but seriously, I have no single time to do that :(

In fact, till this moment still a few things unsettled but finally I can drop it easily, 'that's it, I'm on holiday, yeay!!!!'

Ok back to the topic. Our flight will be tomorrow night, at 1130PM. We were so busy that we haven't pack yet, at all!!! Seriously! Nasib baik dah beli barang-barang berkaitan. But all of them are laying everywhere. Thank God that our flight is at night, so at least we will have the day to pack.

My initial plan was to share with you guys with the details such as how to apply visa for japan, the travelling pass, etc etc. But I guess, it has to be on hold. I'll try to write about it, later.

Oh ya about this honeymoon. The thing with Sakura is, the forecast will only come out in March but we bought the ticket in Feb because there was a promotion that time and it is a tough and risky decision as we can't confirm on the Sakura season that time. We did a lot of research and even studied the past 5 years Sakura season in order to get the accurate time!!! We need to pick the date perfectly as Sakura doesn't bloom at the same time, it is moving with the location and they only bloom around 10 days!

After the thougtful reading and studying, we decided to fly on 25th through Osaka first and look what's waiting for us there:-

Sakura in Osaka starts to bloom on 25th!!!!

But Kyoto will bloom earlier that we thought, and insyaAllah we might still catch it, and also Tokyo. We may see Sakura in Tokyo at its end.

OMG, I can't wait.

Oh ya, since our plane is quite late, we plan to go to KL Sentral by cab and take ERL from there. It was such a long time for me riding the ERL. Last time I rode it to Cyberjaya with Shani, for some interview (when was it? I think about 4 years ago! Shani, funny how we can land on the same company :D).

I am so excited! It will be a very fun ride as this will be our first time together on ERL! :D


  1. selamat berangkatan dan bersakuraman. jangan lupa buat balik geisha cun cun untuk abang.... tak mao yang pakai terompah nanti mak aku marah.. bising !

    Have fun Aan, enjoy your honeymOOOOOn..

    * jeles.

  2. jgn luper ole2 dr jepun utk kami yek..jg diri bebaik..selamat bermain dgn sakura..hehe..amik gamba byk2..nak tgk..=)

  3. ah, just in time to wish u safe journey!

    do have fun and everything kawaiii@!~

  4. Andes sayang~

    Its already been 5 years ago la since the ERL trip together.

    *sigh* how fast time flies~

    Anyway, enjoy your trip and please come home safely.

    p/s: Don't forget my birthday present tau ;p

  5. Safe trip..wow..wanna plan for my honeymoon also..pls guide us yaa..after ur trip...to Nippon

  6. Hahaha... Aan.. aku ter influence dengan post ko nie... maka aku buat post aku versi sakura penang... :P jangan plak lepas tgk gambar, ko tukar tiket honeymoon ko dari jepun ke penang plak :P kuikuikui