Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bandar Maharani's Lala and the Flood

I have been craving for nasi ayam and chilli padi lala for last two weeks and believe it not, I had both (nasi ayam for lunch and lala for dinner) for two weekends in a row!! Maybe it's normal for some of you but it's not for me! I am the can't-face the-same-food-person :P

Anyway, the craving for chillip padi lala is the worst! I wanted it from specific shop - Bandar Maharani, Uptown foodcourt plaza and MrComot is worried that he keep on asking "ntah-ntah you preggie?"

Hahaha I'm not lah.

As I said before, we had the chilli padi lala last two weekend and also last weekend. Last week, it was drizzling that time and normally, we'll just eat at home and it's Sunday! Definitely not a good night to go out, I mean, we are working tomorrow and need to iron clothes and stuff right?

Since I want it so much, we went out eventually.

Speaking of chilli padi lala, we have tried from many other stalls before but this one still the best.

The favourite stall

The chilli padi lala. Lelehhhhh uols!! MrComot siap hingus-hingus ni. The lala is cooked just nice, not too cooked, not too raw. Still fluffy-fluffy :D

And don't forget to order their deep fried calamari ring! It's not the freshest squid but it's sooo sedap. The ring blended very well with the batter and crunchy yum yum.

We can have these without any vegetable as in, ok lahhh takde sayur pun, forgiven. Hahaha. MrComot is the proper type where you have to have vege in your meal.

The chilli padi amount in every bite. I'm drooling thinking about it.

While we are enjoying the dinner, the rain poured very hard and washed all the tables.

This is the 'safest' table and the rain still knock us

See how hard the rain is. My pant was soaking at that time.

We left Uptown around 10PM and once we hit Kota Damansara area, the traffic was unbelievable! The path also hay-wired as we notice some of the cars made a U-turn on the same road! It's like all the traffic is avoiding something. Some of the locals were there in umbrellas talking to some of the drivers.

To be save, we also made a U-turn and MrComot asked one of the local what's going on. He said "flood!"

Us on the opposite lane.

We thought the flood only affecting the left side of the road, so we U-turn to the right road, driving the opposite way (all cars doing this too) only to find out that both sides are becoming a pool!

We supposed to get ahead of this road.

A wira is already stranded in the 'lake' and a few more cars stopped with hazard light by the roadside.

We made another U-turn and go back to Uptown (where we were before!) to get into NKVE. That's the only way we can go back that time.

This is the worst flood ever I ever witnessed in Kota Damansara, and so MrComot! Kesian the Wira's owner, he has to wait until morning before he can start it back.

But the funny part is when MrComot started to say ridiculous thing like;

MrComot: Haah! Mana wakil rakyat? Sistem saliran tak bagus? Ni lah wakil rakyat baru. Mana wakil rakyat PKR tu?

Hahaha motip? Takde kaitan okkkkkk

Btw, I have TWO tags in queue, one by Elya and another one by Tatty. I'll try to do it tomorrow hehehe.


  1. Huu~ me masih kena pantang makan...nak lala masak cili padi jugak!

    Neway, tadi masa balik dari ofis pun flood telah menenggelamkan beberapa kereta di kawasan masuk ke PWTC tu. Mahameru jam tadi sebab orang semua curious nak tgk flood and abang-abang bomba yang bertugas la tu.

    Ngeri jugak tgknya~

  2. hahhaa.. dear u have 3 TAGS... in my latest entry... me also TER tag u... hahahhaha

    aahhaa.. lawak plak cari wakil rakyat baru eh...

  3. salam ziarah aan;
    kiter dah baca sume n3 awak. best. dlu nak komen tapi belom baca habis lagi.

    suka baca all story moory awak & MrComot. young lovely couple. didoakan kekal hingga hujung nyawa, amin.

    o ye, dapat link awak dari cik khay :)

  4. Shani darling, lamanya u kena pantang. Pss: How's the bday celebration hehehe

    Azleena, uwaaaaa I'm gonna do it later ok :P And mmg merepek la MrComot tu, tgk muka je mcm baik haha

    Alis, thanksss!!!! Merepek je byk blog ni hehe. Anyway hopefully we fall in love everyday and maybe one day bila dah tua mcm boring ke, boleh baca blog ni and remember how good it feels to be in love :)

  5. hahahaha...kite terpengaruh dgn lala cili padi n sotong goreng u tu. last 2 days baru pas g makan. best!!!