Monday, March 9, 2009

Things I Have

Ok, lets move to 2nd tag (it's 2.30AM already!) but my hubby also still busy typing his scripts :(

So I better do this tag by Tatty. Tak best lah tido sorang2 :D
Rules & Regulation:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Additional rule:You can answer by just typing it, or put a picture to make it 'FUNer' I wish I do this with pics but I am too lazy because have to drag it to the bottom everytime new pics added (do you know how to fix this??) Deodorant
Rexona Women Light - Stick type

Colgate. Anything will do actually but MrComot is so used to this brand, so it's kinda weird to change

I'm using Kao Merit currently. The shampoo keep on changing after every bottles because I like different smells each time :D

Same like Tatty. No razor. Wax strip jer... :)

Hmm don't care really because I've tried expensive brand but still not lasting (due to machine wash - yes, I am so lazy even my inner has to be washed with machine). However I love love love T-shirt bra by Triumph (around RM40 or so) because it is so perfect and not that expensive for a brand like that! Very durable and smooth, don't leave a visual that you are wearing one.

Psttt: I'm allergic to org yg pakai baju pastu nampak lacey bra or ada line2. No offence. It's just turn off.

I don't wear any ;(
Only some powder (Studio Fix - MAC) and if I'm kind enough to myself, I will rub some lip tint (Fuschia - MAC) and blusher (Marshmallow Pink - Loreal)

Hugo Women - Hugo Boss

Ivory white Kelisa (soo kawaiiii!!! :P)

MAS, thrice. Time kecik-kecik dulu when my mom going back to Terengganu to deliver my sibblings. After that fly no more.

Backpack - A small Nike bought when I was in matriculation and last me until now, only with some tears here and there.
Purse - Soft brown leather from Kauffman. A present from MrComot while we still dating :">

Adidas Adiprene. Tak guna pun beli sbb tak pakai pun :(

iPanema and Nike (I've been using this one for 5 years already!)

Lois. I have ONE ONLY! Kesian kan? I want more jeans! But I don't think I need it. After all, I just wear it once or twice a week.

Brown leather from Jane Shilton. Again, I have ONE only! So kalau today pakai hitam ke, purple ke, merah ke, the handbag tetap brown *nanges*

Marie Claire - I bought this one for RM70 and I wear it almost EVERYDAY (ok la, at least 3 days in a week) for 4 YEARS and still last till now! Only it's not in a very good condition and I still wearing it. I really need to find new shoes but semua tak berkenan. I will snap a picture showing how bad it is (haha kalau rajin :P)

Compaq HP

Search Engine
Of course la Google!! Thank you google! Hehe

TV Channel
I don't really watch TV and we don't have Astro. Hmmm I guess, NTV7 and TV2 kut (TV dah ada byk movies now yeay!)

Cell Phone
Nokia something-something. I don't remember the model as it's not written on the phone. Btw, it's a very basic phone and black and white!

Hmm never drink any of it, except Root Beer hehehe.

Soft Drink
Not my favourite. But I prefer Coke over Pepsi.

Fast Food
KFC. Nyum!

Hmm not really fancy pizza. Anything will do.

I don't eat cereal. I find it too healthy and lack of seasoning :P

Cadbury, Forreror Rocher, and anything with NUTS!

Ice cream
I prefer Baskin&Robin over Haagen Daz anytime! My fav will be Baseball Nut, Choc Chip and Old Fashioned Butter Pecan.

Hmm..going to tag:
Umyra Cool

Oklah, it's 330AM already. I will continue with the last tag (by zleenz) later. Mwahhhh and have a good dream everybody!


  1. aku buat tagging ni tanpa disuruh he he hehhh

  2. Makcik, buat buat (I've read urs btw :D). Kalau ada gamba mcm lagi best kan, tapi malas nak google haha