Monday, March 16, 2009


I hope the tittle summarize the situation enough.

Can you believe it?????

I myself can't. My kitchen got rat!!! RAT!!!!


Actually I noticed that something is going on in the kitchen since 3 days ago. The leftover oil that I kept in tupperware spilled. Then my kitchen utensils basically not arrayed like it was before. My mind already thinking, it is like rat symptom, but hell no way. It is just not possible.

I mean come on laaaaa...a RAT? My kitchen is freaking clean and the most important thing is, there is no food for you to munch on, you bad bad rat! Even the dustbin is empty.

Last night while preparing dinner (we were making this scrumptious sandwich on pita bread, which I'm going to share about it later :D), I heard something moving behind the microwave, that I stopped whatever I am doing and hushing

Me: Sayang! You ada dengar apa2 tak?
MrComot: Hmmm..tak. You dengar apa?
Me: I heard something from the microwave.
MrComot: No lahhh..takde apa-apa lah (his tone is like I'm hearing ghost)
Me: No laa..not that thing..but something real la
MrComot: Kita siapkan dinner dulu la

We finished preparing the dinner when suddenly MrComot pull the microwave and screamed!

MrComot: Sayang!!!! Ada tikus!!!
Me: Whattttttttttt???

Hah! I know my subsconcious mind already telling me it is rat but I just can't believe it.

See how clean my kitchen is? It always like this, all the time! I rarely cook mind you. So how to believe?

It took me 10mins to calm myself and ok, lets run it down!

We opened the backyard door and made a barrier between the kitchen and the living room so that it won't run to the hall. Then I sprayed lotsa Serai Wangi to the corner that I don't want it to run into (and Serai Wangi penipu, it didn't work)

MrComot looked very idiotic with broom at one hand and Ridsect at another hand. Gila ok. Macam nak pergi berperang and macam lah the rat is afraid of ridsect ish ish ish. Later that I know MrComot is also afraid of tikus!!! OMG. Sorry hubby, you looked funny ok.

We managed to push him out from the back of the microwave only to find out that it was a very very bad move!!! The rat was freaking out and it ran so hard here and there and even cross to the hall!! And it ran on my foot!!!! Arghhhhhh. I was holding a small LED torchlight that time, siap tercampak across the hall okkk.

It then climbed the curtain and hiding behind the railing. And we were freaking out too because we want it to get down but afraid of it will fall down on our face!! Seriously, I was creaming at my highest pitch most of the time. The neighbour must be thinking that we are having some kind of domestic abuse :P

The place it secured himself - behind the microwave.

We finally managed to bring it down (I smacked the curtain with broom) and it ran to the 2nd storey!!!


We were racing with it and luckily all the bedrooms' door is closed. I can see it pushing its body to get under the door! Then the war continue at the family hall. MrComot instruct me to get into the bedroom and lock myself as I'm not helping. I don't know how it got down but it went down finally and secure himself back at the microwave *sigh*

Finally after battling with it for about an hour, he voluntery go out through the back door and we locked it with a big PHEWW~!

We were sweating and I can see some tompok-tompok hitam all around the corner of the house and tell you what, the rat was scared shitless that he terberak-berak, no kidding! OMG...kesian dia ok, but sorrylah, I takut tikus okkk.

We had no-mood dinner after that in our bedroom. MrComot was mad with the rat. I was upset because I feel it shows that my kitchen is not clean enough.

MrComot being MrComot, gigih went to 7-Eleven to buy Dettol and mopped the whole house with it. Kosserrrr okkkk!! I just lied on the bed watching TV hehe.

After a while, I quickly phoned up my mom and told her the whole thing. According to my mom, it is not necessarily for rat to be in dirty kitchen. It can be in clean kitchen as well if it serves the right purpose (ie: safe place for it) and according to my mom, we shouldn't race him out. We should just open the door and let it go on its own after a while. Normally he will go out in the morning the same way he came it. Mana lah tahu!

After that, MrComot and I were discussing why and when he came and we have a theory. We left the backdoor opened 3 days ago and it was raining heavily that time. Then we went up until night, totally forgot about the door and just close it later of the night. So the rat might came in to find a warm shelter due to the heavy downpour and settled himself beind the microwave! Clever boy!!!

Luckily our house is still empty. Else it will be a nightmare for us to find or chase him out. Or worse, we might only realise its existence after coming back from Japan!! That time wire will be eaten to pieces ish ish ish.

This is a very humiliate and chaotic experience and I won't let a rat come into my house again!!


  1. motip rumah aku tikus berkeliaran je... kawan baik okeh...

    * ambulan !!!!!

  2. Haha motip uols naik ambulan? kena gigit best fren kah

  3. Salam...

    Rumah bersih mana pun, kalau jiran sebelah menyebelah pengotor malaon, kita tetap akan kena visit jugaklah!

    A solution.. BELA KUCING.
    Or.. meh pinjam my cat for a month. insyaAllah hilang...

    kui kui kui..

    kalau nak pinjam my A-Bin, you know where to find me :D

  4. These are how I deal with rats:

    Kalau berkeliaran sana sini, amik penyapu lepas tu pukul sampai mati.

    Kalau dia masuk perangkap, pagi esok boleh:
    - Tadah air dalam timba lepas tu rendam tikus dalam timba samapi mati.
    - Biar tikus mati under the scorching sun (my favorite).

  5. Err.. was it the dinner that I supposed to join u guys?

    If so, guess luck on my side.. hehehhe

  6. hahahahaha...giler funny ok.
    *me bayang mr.comot dengan penyapu & ridsect* tomeiiii

    *gelak guling*

    ha'ah..ur kitchen memang clean giler. me kagum. tapi me sokong teori tak tutup pintu belakang. hmm..rat tu cari tempat yang ada haba-haba sikit. yeah..microwave. very the rattatouile *betul ke me eja ni?* :P

    eh imagine..u just ikut je mr.comot kejar rat tu..betul kan? kan kan? :))

  7. i had the same prob.. some time ago.. giler nyampah.. they keep coming, lagila i slalu takde kat rumah, bermaharaja la dia..
    pastu tiba2 lenyap.. tak lama pas tu, i found one after another, mati kat depan rumah, mati atas lantai toilet.. (i let hubby do the "work")
    rasanya ada org bagi tikus ni racun kot, takpun call pest ctrl..tak tau la..

  8. Hi there :)

    Just dropping by to say hello and do visit my sales blog. We have Tie Rack scarves from uk. :)

    p/s: I takut rats sbb ade history. Dulu kecik2 dok rumah nenek, ade rat gigit jarit kaki. Gosh! :p

  9. gile chomel discuss camne nak lawan tikus.


  10. i understand how u feeeeeel...
    my room kt hostel baru2 ni kena gaks... imagine after dah dok situ 3 tahun (same room), tak pernah ada prob mcm itu. After recent bulan puasa... (diorg buat gerai not far from my room).. maybe bau2 sampah2 dari gerai2 tingkatkan population diorg.. then the next thing i know, i ate roti gardenia yang telah diratah oleh sang tikuih....ohhh tidakkkkk.... dah la jarang simpan makanan kt bilik.. hisssyyy... sgt la menguji kesabaran....

    u might want to try put some "belerang", (serbuk kuning)... si tikuit is said to be afraid of the smell or some sort...

    huhu... good luck wit the war ;-)

  11. sis!!! a RAT!!! eeeuwww me geli giler okkk!
    len kali kena bela rimau terus :D

  12. urghh... RAT... SAY NO TO RAT.. ahaha!

  13. Maria,
    samalah kita hehehe

    A-bin will eat the rat ke? Me takot okk kucing ni, nnt dia letak kat mana2 tikus tu haha. Anyway tenkiu2, I will contact you if the rat still kacau :D

    Tak baik tauuu. Nnt dia dera hang balik baru tau haha

  14. Fina,
    YUP!! It was that bery night!! Mmg nasib baik la..Kalau tak, mesti tikus tu dah lompat kat kau hahaha

    Lalink Khairiah,
    Helooo mmg la me ikut, tapi me BERANI tau sebenarnya, cuma MrComot je suh me duduk kat belakang :P

    I think bagi racun pun one of the best resort, tapi takut dia mati ntah mana2 je kan. Nnt dah busuk baru jumpa, ewwww tak suka

  15. This is so fashion,
    Thanks, nice TR :D

    Dua-dua penakut tikus. But perempuan is forgiven kan? Lelaki takut tikus yg tak tahan ni hehehe

    Thanks darling. So far dah tak coming back, alhamdulillah. Kalau dtg balik, jgn kan belerang, segala serbuk I'll tabur ok :D
    Ps: Ur tag I'll do later la ya hehe

  16. Nur,
    Rimau kecik ok. Rimau besar me tatotttt

    Rat dah lepas, now say no to semut pulak and lipas pulak! :P This one mmg susah, keep on coming back