Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things we bring

Hi all,

I guess this will be my last entry before this trip. We are at home now waiting for the cab. We spent the day haywired packing all the stuff and hopefully everything well set, nothing important that we forgot.

We pack lightly as we going to recycle the cloths (we are renting a week apartment in Tokyo and has all the facilities such as washing machine and dryer). So we just bring the 7-days cloth and will use the same cloth for the next week :D

As for the food, nothing much as we are looking forward to taste the delectable sushi and tempura. So we just bring some light food in case we are hungry

4 cups maggi mee and 2 boxes of cereal bar for instant energy. That's all! I hope it won't be that hard to find halal food there. But after all, we only will take seafood I think :D

As for the gadget, I hope this will be sufficient. I bring my Ixus, and borrowed FIL's Lumix (in case mine buat perangai), 4x2 G HDSC card, extra batteries for the camera, chargers, camcorder with extra batteries and the most important thing is, universal adapter. I got it at ACE Hardware for about RM11 or something. Japan use different pin (2 thin line and we are using 3 fat round pin).

I don't think the storage will be enough though, but hopefully it can serve us for the whole one week and after that we are thinking we will go to Sony and Canon centre in Tokyo, transfer all the videos and pictures into a DVD (they got this service there, so cool) and then we will have it at zero like now.

Also when travelling abroad, don't forget your medicine.

Just few important things that we think might be handy. Panadol, diarrhea, sabun taharah for samak thing, you know lah in case, minyak cap kapak and bla bla bla.

Oh ya, talking about this now I remember that we forgot something. We also bought Pharmaton for daily takes as we will need extra energy there. I don't want to go there feeling tired and end up in the room! Also since it will be very cold and windy, don't forget to bring a full tub of hand lotion.

It's kinda late already and I better keep this short but before that, you won't believe what I'm going to bring as my hand carry, or my hanbag!!!!

It's eeyore!!!

OMG it's so CUTE!!!

Actually we were walking in the Curve when suddenly my eyes caught all Disney's characters bag in Metrojaya that I exclaimed:

Me: Sayang!!! Comel nyaaaaa!!
MrComot: You nak? Kalau 20 ringgit me belikan
Me: Ok jom tengok!! (I know it's impossible la Disney bag is RM20 be it original or not)

And guess what?

Yes! It is RM20!!! After 50% discount! Hahahaha

It's sooooo unpredictable. So we just grab it and here it is, I will be carrying little eeyore for the whole trip!!

I know it's soo budak-budak, but whatever la hahaha

Ok folks gotta go now.

See you all in 2 weeks time.

Take care and don't notti2 okk. Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ps: I still have some pending matters such as posting a CD to karlbum and all. Sorry!!! After this trip ok. Daaaaa


  1. Safe trip pergi dan balik... ya... amin

    *nampak nair berry disitu.
    better buat sebelum pergi. kalau tidak jd mcm me, org tgh syok mandi laut, me tgh Ouch! Uh! dlm bathroom meng-nair :P

  2. hv a safe journey both of u..

  3. have fun there :) i know i did when i was there last time :)

    my wife dok ajak gi sana gak nih :) tp takda pitis skarang :) tunggu baby alya besar nanti pergi la memana :D

    btw... cd tu i pun dah lupa :D

  4. lalink...jeles nye..
    ihiks..pape pun..take care ok
    u jangan notti2 kat negara org..

    p/s: gonna miss u *sobbing*

  5. mentos pun counted as medicine?

  6. sabun taharah? for me. anyway, have a safe journey...kem salam org jopun...heheheh!

  7. Yeah, sabun Taharah tu pun something for me.

    Definitely will get one too.

    Have fun alright :)

    P/S: Look forward to the Japan trip report soon.

  8. have fun..

    selamat pergi dan balik

  9. selamat pergi selamat kembali...

    tak sabar nak tgk pics u n hubby di jepang sana...

    dan sakura juga! yeay!

  10. wow.
    sabun taharah
    mana nak beli tu?