Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kiss the rain, whenever you miss me

I misssssssssssssssss my blogggggggg!!!

You have no idea how busy I am. Yadayadayada. Mesti nnt korang cakap elehhhh mcm la dia sorang busy hahaha.


But the truth is, I've never been busy like this. Hmm maybe I can't multitask enough?


And you have no idea how frustrating I am because I can't be excited about this Japan trip! How to be when your head is twirling with lots problem and pending assignment? Tell me hooowwww!!

Last week rasa macam nak nanges sbb I was like "how about my trip? I have no time to think about it" Seeeee, CUTI lagi penting dari kerja *bullet train!!!!!

(Motip bullet train? Hahaha)

Oklah enough nonsense.

I'm in the office today (working on the weekend!) and hopefully everything goes well so that I can leave earlier, let say around noon? So that we can go to JTB and buy the rail pass, then go to lowyat buy some SD cards and batteries, and go to Curve for coats and bla bla..

Omg..talking about this made me realise, we haven't prepared for the honeymoon!!! *sigh*

Ahhh nevermind, it feels good by the way to be able rambling craps here hehehe. I miss my blog!!


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