Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yam-Singh Wedding

As promised, this is the Sikh wedding story that I supposed to write yesterday hihihihi.

The groom is MrComot's friend, held last Saturday at Palace of the Golden Horses. It was my first time to attend non-Malay wedding and lots actions caught my attention. We were seated right to the brides pathaway and our table is specially for the groom's highschool sweethearts.

The entree was very grand. With asap-asap lagi. And everybody is flashing their cameras and suddenly the room turned into red carpet event.

Smoky entree

The couple were accompanied with bagpipes. Impressive. But I don't know how to enjoy a bagpipe show. So I find it kinda funny hehehe.

(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

Then as usual, there will be food presentation to the couples right. And this is my first time seeing a food presented in a GIANT clamp. Normally the presentation will be the waiter/es act like a servant, bring a whole dish and show to the brides and groom.

The chef carrying the heavy big bulky clamp
(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

See how big it is? Siap ada spotlight ala-ala cahaya came out from the pearl :P

Then eating time!!! It was a 9-course Chinese meal. The food is okay and satisfying. I think hotel food is about the same, but this one wayy better than the one I had in Times Square (Shani, note that. Hahaha tiba2 je nama naik :P).

I like the way they arrange the slots as after we finish our starter, the performance started and all the eyes glued to the stage while the waiter serves 2nd meal. So we won't feel bored while waiting for the next food or eat eat eat but can't enjoy the show.

The 1st show. Sikh/Indian dance. Seriously, I can't tell.
Baddddd knowledge in culture ;(

This one raised big cheers and claps. Turkey belly dancing, flown straight from Turkey. I was like, seriously? Gila lahhhh. But I think I like the Arabs belly dancing more hihihi. Nampak lagi appealing and seductive :P

The wedding is really a mix and weird and nice one. With the bagpipes (scottish), Turkey belly dancing, the Chinese dishes and don't forget, the DRINKSSSS!!

I noticed that all my people in my tables (except me and MrComot lahh - perlu ke cakap ni? haha) take either beer or wine. Then I quickly scaned all the tables inside the room, and everybody is having that drink with their meal. I thot Sikh quite strict with drinking, betul tak?

On our table

Another scanning - I am the only person with tudung.

Scan again - I think we were the only Malay in that room hahahaha. I don't know why, but I am fascinated with the situation that time.

Oh ya, our table semua Chinese accept us. In other word, all MrComot's friends are Chinese. Not all, most of it. He got another Malay friend but that's the only one I knew lah. He didn't come that night.

After finished all the 9 meals, they have this yamseng (cheers) event where the couples will walk from table to table, pour alcohol and say yamsenggggg in the loudest speaker mode.

And guess what?

Our table selected as the FIRST one!!!! I asked MrComot if it is just something random or the groom will pick it, he said it is up to the groom so our table must be his most favourite :D

Everybody stand and give the couple a big, loud scream of YAMMMMSENNNGGGGG!!! I was busy with my camera and the 1st hand paling depan tu MrComot's with his Coke :P
(The groom is the one at the centre)

The wedding ended with floor dancing. At first semua org malu-malu but after a while, everybody is flooding the floor. Except our table hahaha. We just watched in awe and snapped pics.

The starter group
(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

The later crowd
(pic frm Giap's SLR, MrComot's friend)

They dance madly, like 'Bent It Like Beckham' I tell ya. Siap angkat-angkat tangan ni. The music must be very good I guess, to get them into the mood.

And me through all the day, loyally to my Chinese tea.

My night ended at 1230am leaving me exhausted and sleep like a dog. The wedding is definitely a mixed-up and weird and interesting and fun one.

To Dhanwant, selamat pengantin baru!!!! :D


  1. sayang..
    Y u tak do the banghra's dance? it's fun ok..i owez exercise kat umah wif that dance sambil diiringi lagu "boleh la boleh" by mas idayu *ihiks*

    belly dance? hah yg ni me takde hati nk wat. hmmm...minah turki tu bole la wat..perut dia tak berlipat2 (baca: tak bermaksd perut me berlipat2 okk) me takleh tayang perut sbb tu takde ati nk wat

    can't wait u punye reception plak lalink~ hehehehe

  2. Mr. Comot tu dikira Melayu ke? Saya masih keliru. (ahaha..raya nanti me minta maaf pada Mr. Comot)

    Yes, Ms. Andes, noted. Next year we will try to book that hotel for our next event. I will start making the proposal immediately after raya. Bajet mahu nya luar dari biasa nih.

    Wait, did u ask whose the leading chef?

  3. haha, terbayang the scene in Bend it like Beckham tuh, harus lah meriah gile camtuh wedding tuh...bestbest!

  4. Khairiah, u do the Banghra? Wahhhh impressed okkk. Me shy la nak do the dance haha. And my majlis very simple, no dancing2 ni ishhhh u niiiii. Kang JAIS datang tangkap pulak :P

    Shani comot, consider dia Melayu laaa (haha abes la kena ketuk lagi lepas ni). Btw, nnt kita buat vacation betul2..asyik tak jadi je ni :P Me lupa la nak tanya sape chef tu but according to the groom, all the food that night halal.

    Along, multiple culture ni mmg best. Meriah je kita tgk hehe

    Aleeya, mmg pelik and penat that nite. Interesting kan :D