Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Room :D

Hi all!!

After MANY weeks molesting the wall, we finally finished the whole master bedroom.

And here I present you the visual :D

The color might differ a bit as the lightning was too strong at that time. We still don't do the curtain yet.

This is with the natural light, coming from the 3 panel window on the right

With flash. The purple goes a bit deeper.

The corner. Can't capture the correct color as the sun is blinding the lense. Oh mind the stairs and paper there. Tak sempat2 kemas excited nak amik gamba :P
This will be my reading spot yeay!! Going to install nice light there.

Two different views. See the 2 tones wall? So it is actually 2 feature walls, sleeping and reading wall. I *might* do some stencil to blend the pale pansy with the full wine (corner dekat tangga tu) but hmmm..tgk lah kalau rajin :P

Tantekkk takkk?

The future MIL said that the color is a bit too bright for her. She will choose a tone darker.

What do you think?

During the day maybe mcm bright but when the night falls, it will be veryyyyyy dark and romanntic :D

Now we have to find the lights pulak *scratching the head*


  1. chantek la.

    i cud imagine the reading corner siap dah.


    tumpang happy 4 u :)

  2. apa yang cantiknya?
    tak nampak perbezaan kedua-dua tone kaler tu!


  3. tu la, tak nampak beza between those 2 walls la lalink. me thot u use same tone. anywoo, ada la yg tak keluar bilik nantiiiiiiiii *wink*

  4. sis!!! sooooo tantekkk andddd romanticccc okkk :D

  5. Aleeya, tentiuuuuu

    Along, reading corner tu yg paling ditunggu2 haha. Nak cari suitable light pun susah

    Esbradz, Imran, Bee - laaa..beza la... dark purple ngan light purple hahaha. Itu je. Sbb before this me plan to paint Full Wine (the dark shade) satu wall je, pastu changed my mind buat 2 walls. So me nak tunjuk yg tu je hahaha

    Nur, me pun feel so. Tapi kalau boring nnt, mati lah nak change color. Kena tukar semua sbb dah takde putih :P

  6. lalink...
    me suke laa
    tantek tangat..
    nanti if me ter'drop by' at ur punye nk tumpang tido kat bilik niii ea..lalalalalaalaa..

  7. okay... i am officially very jealous of you.. hehehe.Esp on the reading corner there..
    Nice color. Bila bley g tengok nih?

  8. Khairiah, cannnnnnn. Me siapkan satu bakul and selimut for u..mcm kitten :P

    Finaaa!! Jgn la jeles *me rasa bersalah haha*. U can do it sooooonnnn with ur hubby-to-be

    Haa nak tgk skrg pun boleh. Tapi the house a bit messep up, tak cuci lagi. Nnt lah once dah duduk I bring u home, maybe we can cook2 :D