Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hi guysssssss

How are youuuuu!!

Wahhhh I've been missing to update and read blogsssss.

Actually they are a lot of things I want to share.

1) The master bedroom dah siap paint
2) Kitchen cabinet
3) Walking wardrobe
4) Wedding preps
5) Bachelorette party

But, kelam kabut sikit as my father is here in IJN. He just finished the engiogram test and found two blockage at the arteries. One on the right about 60% and the another on the left at 100%.

At first doc said my father will be discharged today and do the engioplasty later. So my father asked for December after everything about the wedding settle. But suddenly doc said they will carry the operation tomorrow.

So I won't get my hands on the keyboard that often.

Oh ya talking about this,

Rena and Shani!!!

The bachelorette party might be cancelled sbb operation tomorrow (Thursday) and may be discharge on Saturday or Sunday. Uwaaa... I am so pening right now. Don't know lah how. Kalau my father boleh discharge hari Jumaat, then it should be ok. We see how ok?

Soooo sooooryyyyyyyyyyy. We've been postponing our vacation since last year T_T

Btw, I gotta run now, to damansara, to see how the cabinet guy doing. I will write the details of the above list with pics later.

Mucho lovesss



  1. berlari ke sana sini
    dengan penuh semangat di hati
    untuk memulakan penghidupan suami isteri
    bersama setia di janji
    bersama poket di kongsi
    ayuh..marilah kite berlari-lari

    (sila baca dengan nada bersajak)


  2. sis...kenapa rasa geli geleman baca sajak ni....=p

  3. assalammualaikum wahai saudara..
    geli geleman kah? oh..maafkan saya. saya budak baru belajar..

    (sila baca dengan nada sopan santun) =P


  4. bachelorette party tak hengat..

    me x sempat buat.. too tired bekerja masa itu..
    teruk betul la..

    ur dad ok ke? hmm.

  5. Haha Khairiah ngan Siluman ni..mcm berkasih sayang okkkk :P

    Aleeya, my dad ok..ptg ni will do the angioplasty tu. Hopefully everything will be fine lah. My bachelorette party pun dah cancel ni uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. I hope your dad gets well soon too..

    Well...since Reena & Me are still bachelorrete, we can postpone that party till our day come nanti. larr..its ok dear, we will find the right time later ^_^