Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love Your Heart

Hi all,

Thanks for your kind wishes and prayers for my dad. The procedure went well and he is already at home now resting. 2 weeks off, no hard work. He has to 'pantang' a bit even the doc said can eat anything. That day he ate chicken and the wound swollen and leave him some pain. So he is following a very strict diet now, under my mom's supervision.

Which will be - grilled fish, steamed fish, singgang, soup, repeat.

Kesian ok.

I mean, knowing my dad, he is a big eater, especially seafood and meat. But what to do. The wound must heal fast, else will worsen the condition.

And this is what he has to take everyday, right after the procedure.

A handful one


The follow up will be 6 months starting from now and he will do the angiogram again to see if the blockage remain inactive. I hope it won't reappear.

And do you know that even after you do the angioplasty, you have to take aspirin and plaxis for the rest of you life! To prevent the blood clot.

I was like, seriously? Pitam ok.

I don't like medicine. And who does? ;)

So kawan-kawan, marilah kita menjaga jantung kita bersama-sama. Eat right. Exercise.

On a lighter note, my fav MooMoo say Hi! to everybody ;)

MooMoo at the back seat, in tudung sempena bulan Ramadhan :P


  1. MooMoo tutup aurat la plak.. :)
    Hope ur dad recover soon yeah!

  2. Alhamdulillah, glad to hear ur dad getting better.
    Isk.. kena exercise ek.. malasnyerrr

  3. mesti si comot yg pakaikan dia tudung. anyway, glad to know everything went well. makcik comel mesti mcm warden supervising ur father kat rumah *me imagine with rotan in hand okay :P*

  4. hmmm..teringat my CPC lecturer dulu. dia pakai bateri utk jantung dia. sian dia. pastu kan..bebudak ni panggil dia, robocop. sbb dia dulu polis, pastu pakai bateri kt jantung..terus jd lecturer. jahat toll bebudak niii..haizz.

    lalink..u pun kena tulung2 supervise juga. org sakit ni selalu suke nk langgar2 pantang. yg tak bole tu laa yg dia suke. huhu

  5. Lepas ni kita mulakan projek exercise kita balik ye Andes?

    I tot MooMoo was a "Mr. MooMoo", tak sangka pulak ianya adalah "Ms. MooMoo".

    Apapun it does not look less frightening in tht tudung laa :p

  6. Thanks Aleeya. Tu la..MooMoo pun nak pakai tudung wpun takde rambut :P

    Fina, exactly! Kita muda2 ni pun dah stop exercise. How? Dangerous okk

    Bee, ur imagination dah ala2 Japanese porn okkk haha

  7. Nur, MooMoo mmg comeiiii kannn

    Khairiah, org tua mmg mcm tu. DEGIL TAK HENGAT. Org cakap jgn makan, dia makan jugak. Pening okk. Me supervise from far je..mcm manalah sangat :(

    Shani, kita badminton ok hehe. Actually MooMoo is a boy but me saja suka2 letak tudung haha (mana boleh pagi2 me mwah girl kan? :P). You ni mmg tatot any kind of soft toy. Kena bagi diamond je la as present kan? Lalalala

  8. Diamond? Yes, please ^_*