Friday, September 5, 2008

Autumn in Brickfields

I was standing at the big window (2nd level) waiting for the lift to reach when I saw this and gasped,

"Oh my God, cantiknyaaaaaa!!!"

Then I quickly rushed back to my place and take the camera.

From the window

Like snow on top

I lurvvvveeeeeeeee white flowers! In fact I dah plan nak tanam kemboja putih in front of the house. But MrComot said white is too plain. Maybe we will plant the red kemboja. Hmm we'll see how lah...

Another side of the trees. This one with pink flowers.

Pretty isn't it?

The fallen bloom

I noticed that this 'autumn' come twice a year. Last time somewhere early of this year. March kut.

Feels like sakura in Japan :)

Oh ya, if you know the name of this tree/flower, tell me ya!


  1. ahakss!!
    cepat beli sari..
    leh main golek2 dgn background muzik 'mohabbatein'


  2. sama la mcm me PK...
    musim bunga kembali lagi.
    bunga ni ada waktu dia mmg wangi...

    bunga kemboja? kemboja? alahai Aan, nnt puchong ejek awak lagi... :P

  3. Khairiah, u kena tolong me golek2 la..sbb susah okk nak tukar2 baju. Paling koman kenala 3 pasang kan :P

    Tattyyyy, tu laaaa kebetulan sangat. Tapi kemboja mmg mcm best kan..bunga laa.. tikar tu tak kira hahaha

  4. hehhehehe... bunga kemboja mmg best.
    wangi... tapi bunga kerak nasi lagi wangi...
    weh, rumah korang atas tanah ke? bukan rumah atas kayangan mcm rumah ke? hehehe

  5. Me tak pernah dengar bunga kerak wangi? Waaa tantek tak?

    Rumah me ada tanah sikit je..boleh la letak dlm pasu :P