Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Gift

I was packing some of my stuff into the box when I saw this perfume, and remind me of something.

The perfume is MrComot's first gift to me, and back in September 2006. That will make exactly 2 years right?

We were casual friends that time. Rarely see each other, and even if we went out together hardly can call it dating ;)

I was kinda surprised to get the perfume since we don't really have 'declared' relationship but somehow I know it's going to be a start to everything. Knowing him as a nerd and unromantic person, I expect nothing from Taiwan, maybe the same like other colleagues got.

Truthfully, I don't like the perfume, at all. Hahaha. It is too strong and specially made for evening wear. So bila kah I nak pakai kan? Till now still left about 80% ok.

Me: Why you beli perfume ni?
MrComot: You pernah cakap you suka Hugo Boss. But me dunno which one. The saleslady said this is the newest for Hugo.
Me: Hahaha

I pernah borak2 ngan dia pasal perfume earlier and mentioned that I loveeee Hugo Boss Woman. After I told him he bought the wrong one (so ungrateful la :P) he said he know nothing about perfume and as the saleslady said it's for woman, he thinks it is the same with the one I mentioned. Hahaha nerdy okk.

The right perfume should be this one.

So old skol kan?

I got this one online (Strawberrynet) from MrsImran. And wayyyy cheaper than at normal store.

Kalau tak salah I, I bought it at RM120 for 75ml, free shipping lagi. In store it will cost me around RM240. Not everything in Strawberrynet cheap though, you have to check and study betul2. Btw, now they already charge the shipping for perfumes.

So guys, care to share what is your first present from the loved one, and maybe some story behind? ;)


  1. wahhhh..wlpun comot is a first class nerdy, dia masih mempunyai ciri2 romantic lah. u je yg ungrateful *hahaha.boleh tak tiba2 side mr.comot :P* remember the valentine/ ur bday (lupa dah) yg he did smthg unexpected to ur monitor screen tu (still terserlah ke-nerd-an tp takpe) hah! gile sweet okayyyy! hahahaha! so. be a good wife ok! :P

  2. a gold ring kot.. :) i was like, baru kenal few mths, dia dah bg???

  3. hmmm...coklat je. dah masuk dlm pewott. pastu 2 bentuk cincin yg sedang dipakai ini. yg lain??? nan ado..huhuhu

    p/s:bru td mrlampard texted me tanya jenama perfume & jenis yang me guna. me bolayan sbb me tgh boikot dia. arghhhh...bengang siott~

  4. err.

    i think i'll skip this one.

    *berlalu pergi*

    hugo memang best.
    best sangat..that i know it was my FIRST best-EST gift for him.
    and he loved it so much, he bought the same one after the 1st one finished.

    *kata nak skip KUNUN*

    but i still wear what he gave me.
    even tho i felt like wearing it most of the time tapi cam EMOGILEBABAS ah bile pakai, WHY AM I LIKE THIS :(

    oh, he gave me a tudung, all the way from Egypt.

    and now i miss him. :|

  5. Haha B, still kenot beat Meg's punya romantic la :P

    Aleeya, that is what we call jodoh. Wahh bestnyaaa 1st dapat cincin. Me pun nakkkkkk :D

    Khairiah, u pun dpt cincin uwaaaa. Me satu pun takde la ni *unfair!*

    Along, takpela..nak buat mcm mana kan. Tapi pasal barang2 ni, don't ever buang okkk!! Rugiiiii hahaha

  6. bila tah nk beli yg baru :)

    i got the intense hugo for my wedding hantaran :)