Thursday, May 5, 2011

Safe Hazards for your Toddler

Ohhh how I missed my blog and writing. Sorry for the long hiatus, I'm pretty busy with work lately.

Anyway, just to share with you this article that I read online because it's real! I mean, it just happen few days back and then I read this one and was like..OMG, nasib baik Zahra ok..

It's about safety cautions in your house. My house is not baby-proof, MrComot planned to make baby-proofing dulu, you know lah with all the soft edges cabinet, install latch for doors so baby won't pull and have accident, but I stopped him and said instead of making baby-proof house why don't we teach Zahra to baby-proof herself? Like, how not to pull the door that hard, avoid tersepit tangan, kena bucu meja, etc. works! Despite a lot of minor accidents especially kepala terkena meja, she's all fine (but I secretly feel it's luck, that the Malaikat is watching after her because many times in front of my eyes, she fell and about a few milimeters to hit the table).

Ok back to the topic, the point here house is not baby-proofed. So it's not toddler-proofed either. But babies and toddlers are different. Babies are more controllable because their movement is limited and they seems like to behave better. And toddlers? Oh my...I seriously can't control her anymore. Well, I can still teach her how to walk within gaps, how to close the door softly..but kids this age, they love to explore and do whatever they want to do. With a lot of energy! So accident might happen if you take your eyes away from them.

Below is 10 surprising safety hazards we can find in our home (original article from here):

1) Diswasher - easy access to to knives and sharp forks
2) Latex balloons - choked to death when they chew or blowing up the balloon
3) Kitchen ranges - children tipped over and hit scalding water
4) Soft bedding - SIDS
5) Hand me down baby gear - secondhand item may have damages or missing parts
6) Bath seats and rings - may lead to drowning if you leave her unattended for few seconds
7) Bath and baby oils - products that contain hydrocarbons - causing pneumonia, irreversible lung damage and even death (check your make-up stuff too, in any case your baby play with it)
8) Family dog - dog-bite injuries
9) Power window - crush limbs or fingers
10) Pocketbooks and purses - poison, choke, or injure kids (eg: safety pins, hard candy, pens)

Well, not all applicable for Zahra like, we don't have a dishwasher and I don't put the soft bedding for her cot. But the one thing that happen last few days was - Latex balloons!

She loves balloon very much and keep on holding and sucking the balloon for weeks and I just let her because it's nothing big for me, and after sometime, the balloon getting smaller and smaller and bursted after she bites it! She wasn't afraid of the burst, instead busy chewing the pieces! Luckily my sister was with her that time and managed to dig the latex pieces from her mouth.

My only concern that time was the latex is toxic for her..and even if she swallow it, it will pass through the poo. I don't realize there is a bigger risk than that, til I read this article.

This is the real danger on latex balloon:

"Since 1973, more than 110 children have choked to death when chewing or blowing up latex balloons. Latex balloons are one of the worst things to choke one because they can conform to a child's throat and completely block the breathing"

Oh my..nasib baik Zahra tak telan.

So guys, watch out your kids when they playing with balloons. They seriously love eating it. And maybe I need to start on toddler-proofing the house now.


Found this couple of pic Zahra Elena playing with the balloon last weekend :)

Her new hobby - pinching and stretching the balloon

And chewing it. I think she likes the rubber taste. Haishh..budak kecik macam-macam.


  1. salam,

    nice info! thanks for sharing...

    tuan rumah. kot nak try nasib kat contest saya boleh menang voucher...
    sila ke

  2. aqil pn..haritu pergi makan dia dapat balloon free..dia main sampai meletup balloon tu..dia tak takut tp mak dia yg terkejut mcm nak terberanak dah..haha..