Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mommy's Day everyone! I know I am one day late, but *sigh* I am still busy as ever. I also doesn't wish my mom *yet* and planned to do so after this entry hehehe. But I love you mom!

Anyway talking about mom's day, I didn't get anything this year. Well, not exactly like that, I said I want this and that, and MrComot said, ok nanti jom kita pegi beli. But that's the whole point! I wanted something surpriseeeeeeeeeeee hahaha. Not that ok I can get it by buying it myself. I demanding. It's only that, this year's mother's day is a bit special to me, because I know the feeling of being a mom and I feel all happy and have this tinggling emotion when my friends wish me happy mom's day :D

We went out on the Saturday night and had a yummilicious dinner in Italiannies and I see that no gift on the way, so I declared loudly to MrComot, 'OK! Kita kira ni dinner mother's day lah yer?' while smiling broadly feeling all happy and all he replied, ' dinner biasa, mother's day esok me cook'.

Ok, ada dia masak? Haha tak ada ok...

Anyway on the evening of Sunday after I woke up from my afternoon nap, he came to me and whisper, 'Happy mother's day sayang! Thanks for being the best mommy and wifey in the world!'. Oh least he wished me without being asked, so that will be my perfect mom's day present hehe..

Since I have nothing else to story about mom's day, below is random pictures of Zahra in May 2011.

Zahra with her messy hair, just woke up early in the morning, and busy to join me brushing teeth, only that she prefers my toothbrush over hers.

The first day I put a chair on the porch (the renovation is done weeks ago, yeay! we finally installed the gutter so the rain won't fall directly on the ground and we can put the chairs there, but now we have another problem, it has become cat's nap place!). She loves to walk on the porch without shoes because it looks cleaner with the tiles I think. I planned to buy a swing there, and if I bought one, I'll post it here! Swing is my 2011 material wishlist! :D

Dah pandai meniarap baca buku! But, this is the only time she does it. Most of the time, she prefers to be on my lap when I read her the book. She also loves reading by lying next to me sharing one pillow. You are so manja!

So how mother's day serves you. I know everyday is mom's day, but it's not like you celebrating it everyday right? Just count how many days you hug and kiss your mom, and how many days you fight back and melawan cakap? Haaa jawab jawab haha. So tak salah ada special day to celebrate it. Ahhh pandai cakap orang, I also didn't give my mom anything! Actually I wanted to give her some flowers, but time is killinggggg me. And I also want to enter this contest, hope I manage to do it before it ends.

So happy mom's day to all mommies! You deserve all the fine thing in the world. Being a mommy is not easy, but to put all the material thing aside, raising children is the best thing Allah granted us, right? There is no such joy can compare when you get to love the little one and trying your best to give her/him the best. So tak dapat hadiah pun takpe, just enjoy the motherhood ok *haha talking to myself :P*

Ok, gotta call my mom now!