Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Corn Hailer

We had small BBQ in our house last April, in junction to celebrate the newly wed, my little brother and his wife. Unfortunately I didn't snap any good pictures because it was a very hot night and not really an enjoyable BBQ as most of us are tired. My parents just reached our house from Manjung around 7PM and it was a bit rushed.

Anyway, we had a lot of scrumptious food like my mom's yummilicious marinated chicken, squid, fishes, sausages and corn. My new sister in law brought delicious custard pudding as well. I oven bake some mix vege and we also had fried meehon.

That night also is the first time Zahra Elena had corn on the cob and she loves it very much! She finished almost a whole cob and I had to slow it down because my auntie said too much corn for toddlers can lead to appendix problem because they can't process it like we do.

Nyam nyam

Wahh the corn is so yummy

Hail to the corn!

The next day, I was surprised by her stool. Bertompok-tompok penuh corn ok!!! All still intact with a perfect shape of corn kernel hahaha. Padat dah jadi kuning keemasan. Opss..scrap that from your imagination! :D

I still have one cob leftover from the dinner, maybe I can thinly slice it and make bubur jagung. Yummy!


  1. alalalalalah...sukenye zahra. yummeh! saya pun suke jagung! =)

  2. Yummy! Yeayy kita geng hehe -Zahra