Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I got Proton Exora invitation for a test drive event this weekend, but it will take a whole day (9am to 5pm) and not recommended to bring your child. There will be outdoor session and need both couple coorporation to get involved with the contest/competition.

I really looking forward for this event because it looks fun and we get to do a lot of thing with the car, but I never leave Zahra with my MIL, and I don't want to take the risk dia menangis cari I ke apa. And my babysitter won't be around so I can't leave her there neither.


Have to give it a pass. Takpela..Zahra comes first.


  1. saye respect aan sbb hal nielah....waau apa pun jadi, mst anak yg first kan?

  2. Kudos Mamy!
    Ada orang main campak-campak jer anak... heran~

    oh, anak patung rupanyer :P

  3. Mommy Fara,
    Takdela..most mommies mmg mcm ni hehe. Me mmg tak pernah tinggal Zahra kecuali time kerja, so tak berani nak try, kesian kat dia

    Nasib baik anak patung kan :P

  4. andes..
    meh antar zahra kat rumah me
    suruh heri jaga

    dia kan suka tgk bulu mata awning zahra