Monday, May 30, 2011

The New No-Oily Kitchen

Finally, after a year of planning and revising our plan, the second kitchen is ready! We already have a well-planned kitchen installed in the house before we moved in, I would say a well-planned because of the material we chose, the color, the wiring done, the gadget we bought, etc. But one thing we overlook is the position of the kitchen.

MrComot made some renovation at the back of the house to be as laundry room and it works well, until we start cooking then we realized that the kitchen become stuffy and oily even if I just stir in some garlic for Zahra's porridge! This is because the kitchen has become the middle room, and we can't do any ducting to suck the smoke out, so to reduce the smell, we just use recycle technique for the hood (charcoal filter installed and it will suck in the oil and smoke, clean the air and will release it back into the room). Not a wise move. The salesman said charcoal filter will work as good as ducting, and that's a lie ok.

The current kitchen is something like this:

The green oil and smoke hehe

I'm not very fussy with the smoke and smell because well, first thing first, I rarely cook hehehe. But it bothers me when MrComot complained everytime I cook, "ala..lantai kita berminyak". So not encouraging ok! It's somehow annoying and potong stim. Well, he's not really complaining, it's just his feet is made for this thing..oil and dust collector hehe. He can feel even a slightest dust on the floor and me on the other long as I don't fall, the floor is alright to me hehe.

And this seriously become a reason for me to feel a tug to cook in the kitchen. I don't have the heart to see he keep on wiping the floor even though I already clean it :( And not to mention all the curtain will have this funny smell too. Another factor is, I was thinking sampai bila tanak masak kan? Somehow I need to cook for my kids if not for us, and I want to cook nasi tomato with ayam merah! That will need a lot of frying gagaga.

The kitchen finally installed last two weeks.

The kitchen#2 in kitchen#1

Unpacking the boxes and assembling the cabinet

Mounting up

Guy stuff

They are moving a bit the washing machine. The wall without the kitchen.

And the after look ;)

We went totally opposite with the old kitchen this time. The main thing will be colors. Kitchen#1 is all white and shiny and kitchen#2 is very dark brown and matte. Other than that, we make it as minimum as possible so that we can lenjan the kitchen habis-habisan without feeling guilty hehe. The whole thing is using the cheapest material, pressed laminated wood for top and cabinets. The kitchen#1 is made of solid surface and shiny gloss door and look what happen now? Just a pretty face with not much servicing.

By the way, we moved the hood from kitchen#1 and do the ducting (the smoke will be sucked up and thrown outside through the tube). We bought new hob anyway because we can't simply reuse the hob#1, it will leave a hole on the solid surface there. So basically we have two stove now. Ok la..the other one can masak maggi, won't smell and produce smoke that much :)

The new kitchen made its first debut by frying nuggets and it works! No more oily floor and smoke at all!

BTW, we still have few other small thing to settle:

1) the wall is not tiled, so somehow it will stain later. We planned to DIY the tiles later, maybe this weekend
2) Need to buy the washing machine cover since they are in the same room.

Other than that, I need to rearrange all my plates and pots so that there are easily reached. Then I'm going to be the domestic goddess. OK, where is my apron?


  1. wah, berangan nak umah sendiri....nak ade dapur sendiri....huhuhuhuhu!

  2. seronoknya...
    oh oh oh saya sungguh jeresssss~

  3. terus nak jadi domestic goddess~

  4. Moomy Fara,
    Takpe, sekarang boleh plan2 dulu, macam2 fesyen dapur ada hehe

    Ehem..nanti ur turn pulak..masuk rumah :D

    Kann..cita2 tetap tak luntur haha

  5. mahal tak buat dapur ni..nk buat gak..uish bila nak dpt kunci umah ni..hehe..