Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aku-Noi The Joy of Motherhood

Wanted to enter this contest since last week, tapi busy ya amat la. I've been away for training for a whole week. Anyway just a short one.

Pengalaman paling happy - bila my Zahra Elena jadi cheeky monster especially lately dia start ada imaginary food where she will picks up her 'food' from anywhere. Tiba-tiba tepi tangga la, from gate la, bawah meja la, dari buku la..she will use her pointy finger and thumb like pinching something out of it run to me and say mamamam wants to shove the imaginary food into my mouth. So cheeky monkey. I just get along and open my mouth saying nyummmm sedapnyaaaa and she will sengih broadly like winning something big. Every phase she will have different behaviour that makes this motherhood is enjoyable and priceless. Most of the time it'll be unpredictable event and even looking at her happy makes me happy :)

Anyway I don't have any gambar kemesraan between me and her because I forget to bring home the camera cable and most of the pics in the phone pulak semua inappropriate hehehe. I just have this pic of daddy-daughter time where she was giggling happily when MrComot tried to catch and kiss her, somewhere in Feb 2011.

Last but not least, enjoy your motherhood. Penat2 pun all paid of watching your little one growing up from little tot to bigger tot. Yes, she will always be my tot :)


  1. Salam,

    Auwww... imaginary food ye? Lepas ni boleh buat tea party, dress up semua.. oh syoknya ada gegirl!

    Thanks sbb join my contest yang tidak seberapa ini.