Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Portraiture Pwincess

Oh my...it's almost 3 weeks this blog is abandoned, I am very very busy this few weeks, hardly can seat relax-ly and type something. There's a lot of thing going on both in carreer and personal life

On carreer wise, there has been small restructure where I got new manager to report on and new AGM as well. So we were running around with lotsa meetings to put everything back in place, and not to mention we have 2 big migration project this year, involving big services - DNS and email.

On personal life pulak, we are squeezing everything in place even though both of us have very limited time now because we are expecting 2nd baby! Yeah! I wanted to make a proper write up, but later lah.. So with the second baby coming in, we have to finish our second kitchen (thank God, it's done last week) and I'll write about it later. Then few other thing as well...arrangement nak balik kampung lagi, my parents went back to Terengganu for good last week, so we have to think a lot of thing now, the travel time with little one, Raya, etc etc.

Not to mention that I'm juggling hard between a demanding toddler and tiresome pregnancy.

And the latest news pulak, all the kids in babysitter's place infected with chicken pox. For now only 2 kids free from it, Zahra and the youngest baby (7months Rizqi). Since everybody are infected, the parents decided to leave their kids there *sigh* and I only knew this when we reached at the front door. I wanted to bring Zahra to the office today instead of leaving her with the babysitter, but MrComot had this urgent meeting in Cyberjaya and has no time to detour to my office to drop me there, so I have to follow him to CBJ and leave Zahra there. Thanks to my bos and my new office laptop, I can work anyway as long as got internet connection. I can't bring her here..it won't be that comfortable as it is not my office. Sigh again. Hope Zahra is OK, won't be infected. She already had her immunization last 2 months..but if nak kena, kena jugak kan. What I'm more worried is, if Zahra kena, there is a risk for me to have it too and now is very crucial for me not to have this extra infection.

I owe this blog a lot of stories! Well, I need to jot down all of that because every little thing means a lot to me. Thus I need more time for that! *nanges*

Anyway below is a couple pics of Zahra las week, portraiture style. It's hard to snap her pic these days because she likes to move here and that when I point the camera, and will only have blurry ghostly like pictures. This is the first time she stands still and willingly smile for the camera.

Zahra at 1year4months

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you'll have a good weekend. I have a wedding to attend to on Saturday and more stops in between to settle few other thing lagi. Ahh..work is never end, all I need is extra days for the weekend.


  1. congrats aan for 2nd pregnancy =)
    super happy for you, wana be pregnant again too =) hopefully soon =D

    take care aan =) hopefully zahra and you wont get infected. miss your writingsss!!!

  2. aan!!
    congratsss! may u have a smooth pregnancy..eh,bestnya pregnant...

  3. wah, congrats Aan!! Excitednyer,hehehe. Take Care!

  4. ahhhh! 2nd baby? syukur alhamdulillah n tahniah. zahra nak dpt adik! yeyeh!

    zahra sgt comel ookeh tp mommy fara agak konpius...nsb bek mmg dah kenal zahra. if not, mmg igt boy okeh! hahahahah!

  5. Ain Alida,
    Thanks! Kicking out my gear now hehe

    Tenkiu beb!

    Thanks! A'ah besar kan..so rabbit hehe..itu follow dedi dia :P

    Thanks..aminn..semoga dipermudahkan

    Thanks darling!

    Moomy Fara,
    Thanks..kannn..memang Zahra nampak macam boy! Haha..lepas snap and tunjuk kat hubby pun dia cakap.."ish ishhh boy nya budak ni" hehehe