Monday, February 7, 2011

Yee Sang @ Kinnaree

After 9 days of holiday, I have a lot of stories to share, not to mention I still owe you guys the Langkawi update. But am going to put that on hold first, ok :*

We had two Yee Sang session before CNY. One in our normal favourite place, South Sea Seafood in Subang and another one we tried this new place in Jaya One, Kinaree, on eve of CNY. It's a Thai restaurant so Thai fusion Yee Sang it is.

Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

This is my first time Kinnaree, and also my first time in Jaya One! But we reached there quite late so hadn't the time to wander around. It's a small cozy restaurant with cute and posh deco. Just look at the table setting!

The plate is so so so cute that I want one! It's lotus leaf shape, complete with lotus napkin holder.

The Yee Sang is so delectable that I can gobble all by my own. According to the servant, the Yee Sang comes with natural theme as they use all vegetables and fruits only. There are shredded purple cabbage, semi-ripe papaya, pamelo and I forgot another one..I think chestnut. Topped with smoked salmon which is so smoky and divine! Yum! Their specialty will be the plum sauce, I spotted some slices of chili padi and beans. The sauce so so so sedap too! Not the tangy sour type. Not super sweet either. Goes very well the smoky Yee Sang.

Tossing and wishing for everybody's health, wealth and longevity :D

And this what we had that day:
1) Chicken KungPao with Cashew Nut
2) Steamed Snapper with Ginger and Soy Sauce
3) Fried Asparagus
4) Deep Fried Squid
5) Tofu with Oyster Sauce
6) Soft-shell Crab with peppercorn

The best dish will be #6 as I love the peppercorn! As for fried asparagus and tofu, both dishes look and taste the same to me, can? So I really don't know what is the difference.

I had Thai Iced Tea for drinks and we shared 3 desserts!
2) Fried banana with Vanilla Ice Cream
3) Mango Pulut with Vanilla Ice Cream
4) Steamed banana with Durian Ice Cream

If you are a durian lover, you might love the ice cream to bits as it's not like the normal one. Dia rasa macam they pureed the durian flesh and mix it with the icecream. Something like that, or I thought it is like that la, because I am no-durian eater ok ;) but I've tasted normal durian ice-cream and it's not the same.

Overall, it was an okay dinner. My super dish will be the Yee Sang itself (again, so so so tasty) but I won't repeat order for other dishes. Especially the vege and tofu hehe.

And last but not least;

Zahra Elena with mummy! If you can see, she's holding something in her left hand kan? It's the kungpao chicken! And she loves it so so much, because they fry the fillet in batter first, so macam crispy sikit hehe. We keep on giving her the chicken to avoid her throwing tantrums. And she can't sit still in her babychair anymore! Dah pandai berdiri sendiri ok, so dangerous. All she wants to do is walking around and we had to take turn pimpin tangan dia :)

Oh ya, last pic I snapped in the restaurant, the bill holder. So cute! The waiter handed us the bill in this small green elephant. Told you about the deco, so details kan ;)

Will post about Zahra with CNY later! :D

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  1. oh elephant hijau itu sgt comel...mcm nak bawa balik satu..hehe