Wednesday, February 16, 2011

13 months!

Zahra Elena is 1 year 1 month in February! Can't believe that I managed to take care of a baby whom turned to a toddler now.

She just had her MMRV injection last weekend so we get to measure her weight and height. She is 8.4 kilos and 74 cm that I don't have to bend anymore whenever I want to hold her hand when she's walking. Talking about the MMRV shot, she's one little tough girl. The shot is given right on the buttock and she didn't cry at all, in fact siap nak tepis the needle as she was curious why everybody is touching her bum haha. Even the doctor and nurse were amused with her reaction.

My little one also mark another milestone this month, she's walking, totally! She no more need support from us, can move up from the floor and walk, and will stop if she feels wobbly and about to fall, will fall gracefully, and up again to walk. Anyway she's an expert walker at home with bare feet and much wobbling if with shoes and in mall (maybe sebab tak biasa with the floor) but she's getting better each day.

Before CNY

Her hobby still spring cleaning and this is the utmost favourite place.

Plastic-ware cabinet

She doesn't like her bathtub and love the pail instead because she can literally stuff her whole body inside. She will shriek so loud whenever I tried to lift her up and grip the sides of the pail with her both hands.

Refused to come out

Her current favourite vocal is kla-kla-kla-kla-kla and I don't know what it means but she will say it with bright face and full of enthusiasm.

Oh ya, she's also teething now, another 2 above teeth that is next to the rabbit tooth is peeking out, which causing excessive drool and I have to change her clothes like every 2-3 hours. But normally I just put small handkerchief inside the shirt when it is wet to prevent cold chest :P

She no more eat frozen porridge since 1 year because dia dah pandai jadi choosy hehe. Kalau frozen makan sikit je. So I cook her porridge daily every morning. Nowadays, sometimes porridge, sometimes just soup so the babysitter will mix it with her own fresh-cooked rice. But I still make her fruits puree in batches and freeze it as she seems doesn't mind with it.

I still breastfeed Zahra until now, Alhamdulillah..but it's a challenge nowadays because she likes to bite and with 4 teeth, it's not helping at all! The worst part is, she like to bite towards the end of the drink session, so tak sempat nak say NO or do whatever, she let it go already. But the PAIN!! Urghhhh! So my normal reaction will be screaming, Zahra no!!! and then I will tell her after that, "No, pain pain! Sakit dont bite mommy". Most of the time she seems to understand but I think she couldn't help it when she is in playful mood. If sakit sangat sometimes I smash her hand not-so-lightly with my fiercest face and she'll cebik and cry.

Talking about breastfeeding, Zahra is going to a phase where she doesn't want her bottle AT ALL. This has been going for a month (I think she get attached to direct feeding after Langkawi trip) which means, she's not getting any milk at all during the day. I still pump my milk out and bring it to babysitter everyday but all gone to waste. She will wait for me and drink directly in the car and during night like usual, 3 hours gap while sleeping.

I asked her doctor during the jab and he said just try to encourage her to drink from bottle and I can try for another month before I decide to feed her with formula milk because mana tau, formula nak minum pulak kan? But I tried to give her the DutchLady kid dalam kotak tu, tu pun tanak, minum 3 sips like that and throw it out. She eats well during the day, only that I'm afraid she's not getting enough nutrient without the milk. Mommies, what do you think? Do you have any tricks about this or do you think milk during night is enough for her?

Well, that will sum up my 13months princess. Time sure goes by with few blinks but this is the highest time for me as she's so active and demanding now, I feel so drained and exhausted that I wonder when the trouble 2y comes, how it's gonna be hehe..

MrComot even call her Notti Totti. But of course I'm glad you are active and naughty like this, because I will be worried as hell if you always sleep and sit still right? Mommyhood dilemma :P

Happy 13months sayang! No matter how naughty you are, mommy and daddy will always love you!


  1. aan,

    jgn risau sgt if zahra tak nak minum susu dalam botol. saya, kalau boleh mmg nak pisahkan aydin dengan botol. tak perlu risau juga psl zahra yang tak suka formula milk tu. saya ada pengalaman dari mak saya sendiri. menyusukan adik bongsu saya sampai 3 thn dgn susu badan aje....adik sy langsung x nak minum dr botol. klu time mak saya keje, tgulah die smpi mak saya blk. bile dah dpt tu, mmg revenge abis-abisan la...hehehe. yg penting, zahra still aktif, masih berselera makan....=)

  2. Ohh thanks Mommy Fara! As long as dia sihat ok la kut takut zat2 yg kita tak nampak ni hehe. Susu malam pun insyAllah cukup kan..amin amin amin.. nnt me monitor dia macam mana.

  3. takpe aan..bagi cheese/tofu bila siang okay..leh ganti susu..dont worry sebab malam die masih minum kan..em aqil dah minum fm..huhu..sedih..

  4. nanti aunty hadiahkan Zahra baldi besar sikit for her belated birthday ye?

    muahks :*

  5. bila dh ade rabbit tooth mmg sakit..i feel u too...wuuuu...sakit!!

    i read somewhere kat forum kump.ibu menyusu(FB) n, it is ok..sbb zahra already 1year++ she'll get nutrient from her daily consumption,calsium from spinach/cheese... :)

    time flies,dulu zahra newborn,now toddler...nnt my son punya turn pulak... :)

  6. comel la Zahra, duk dlm pail tuh..dier x sejuk ke?
    If Danish, air sejuk jer, mula la melompat kt i..haha..refused trus nk mandi..kna pujuk then ok..

    Btw, i pnh gak, ader 1 month tuh, lgsg dier xnk bottle..same case dgn u..we went for a long later after a while, nnti normal balik la tuh..have to keep on trying jer :)

  7. m@ri@,
    Jangan sedih, u tengah preggy kan..mmg kena minum FM dah..

    Tenkiu yer..nak yg comel2!

    Thanks! Tu lah..sebab setahun, my doc pun mcm relax je..ok kut, at least malam dia minum. Me have to watch her diet je la, make sure seimbang.

    Hehe kalau nak berendam, I campur air panas sikit, bagi suam2. Kalau nak mandi cepat, I bagi air paip tu je :P Haa still trying now..tu la, sebab dia dah manja sangat cuti tu