Friday, February 4, 2011

The Black Plate

This is our dinner tonight, whipped by MrComot (thank you sayang!) but it's not about that. After all asyik2 menu sama je, salmon, rosemary chicken, salmon, rosemary chicken, salmon, repeat haha.

It's about the plate!

This is our first time using it, bought from Langkawi and it's pretty deep shiny ebony black. The color is not that nice in this pic as I took it using my phone, but yeah.. It's beautiful black plate!

It's arcopal, lighter than normal porcelain but slightly heavier than corelle. What I love most about it, is the simple sleek design. Plain and curvy square. It's sexy to me. And black making it sexier hehe.

We bought the whole set, including bowls.

I was imagining to host a halloween themed dinner for close friends with this set when I decided to buy it. But that's different story, being the suka-berangan-me haha..

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  1. hi Aan!.

    geram dgn plate u tu. lama dh berangan bak pergi langkawi lagi tp hasrat belum tercapai. =(

    btw, hope u dont mind to share some recipe yg u publish dlm ni. semua nampak sedap. =D

  2. I want to attend that Halloween Party!

    (ahahaha, boleh?)

    Btw, nice plates. I like them black too.

  3. Ann,
    Recipe ni me pernah bagi, u click under recipe hehe. Anyway senang je (malu nak letak :P) salt and pepper and paprika (optional) pastu pan fry with no oil/very little oil sbb salmon dah ada oil sendiri :) Sayur tu me pakai baby spinach, soft sauteed and sprinkle with parmesan :D

    Of course la u are in my mind that time. Geng2 kita je la haha. KALAU me buat :))