Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Blues

I knowwwww.. my blog has become cheesy mommy blog! *wink to Bee*. But what to do, my life has expand to 3 and all I feel like to write is about them hehehehe.

Just to cure my Monday blues (so that maybe I'll write a lengthy entry after that :P), below is Zahra Elena last weekend, clad in her pajama, rushing out for morning walk :D

This picture is compiled by MrComot which is super shocking (ok, I am exaggerating) because he's super busy and as usual, locked with his laptop last night and I assumed he's doing his work but NOT! He's actually busy compiling tottila's pictures from early days hehe. He uploaded a few in his facebook, and here I'm sharing it with you.

Sebab baru dapat kaki, she loves to walk very much and got her first big scratches on the knee when she fell. She was in her romper that time, lesson learnt, always put long pants for your new-walker toddler.

Haishh anak mommy dah besar :)


  1. Heheheheh....sbb tu sy suke sgt tgk pic zahra....mengingatkan sy pd aydin....comel!

  2. wahhh. Zahra sudah dapat kaki. big yeay to her. n yup me also dpt lesson always pakaikan Kaisya long pant bila keluar especially ke jalan2 yg x smooth.

  3. even if u've strayed (for a good reason) me still read ur blog ok :) just keep writing, dont be like me :P

  4. hi aan..takpelah keep writting as me like ur blog. :).ur dotter so adorable..mengingatkan bila lah my son nak jalan nih.hehehe