Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Blind Mouse

I left my glasses like less than 1 min on the table, went to the room to get something and when I came out, saw Zahra is walking (yeay she can walk for 2 metres straight already) towards me with my glasses in her hand. I quickly ran to her shouting 'Jangan main spec mommy!' and that's when I notice it only has one 'leg'.

My glasses broke!

I feeeel soooooo baaaaaad! It's not Zahra's fault of course. It's my fault because I shouldn't put anything like that within her reach. And I feel bad because it's NEW! MrComot bought it for me in Dec 2010, so I only wear it like for 1 month plus.

And it's more expensive than my previous glasses where the lense is multicoated with whatever I don't remember to curb the rising of my astic (due to my work nature) and the frame comes together with sunglass! Alaa...dia mcm ada magnet, pastu u can letak the sunglass lense on the frame.

This is my first time having an exaggerated glasses and it only lasts me less than 2 months.


MrComot of course didn't get mad, he only said, 'now you learned your lesson right? More important is, nothing happen to Zahra, tercucuk ke apa ke.'

Yeah I do. I'm the type who always take things easy, especially bab barang2. I 'expect' nobody moves/take it but things are different now, we have quick hands in the house. Gotta be more careful after this.

But still! I feel sooooo bad about this. Hmm my new spec going the be very cheap2 one!

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