Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zahra at dinner

Zahra Elena last Friday, at our department dinner. I had to bring her because there is no way I can leave her until 12 midnight and I planned not to go at all, but then, I was allowed to bring her, so.. I pegi lah :P

And she's such a darling, didn't throw any tantrum except few noisy sounds trying to talk to me while the big bosses giving speeches (when everybody listen quietly) which make it awkward because I was like this "Zahraa shhhhhhh", and flushed to the max. It's not a family event, everybody can't bring spouses, so no kids as well but just because we work together so yeah, it was awkward haha.

Anyway happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. eee...geramnye tgk budak tecik ni. comel ok. tu yg sblh nampak kaki tu, mommy dia kah? tantek kasutt.

  2. Lalink, my kasut laa..cantek kan? hhahaha puji diri sendiri. tapi tu la..me pun perasan cantekkkk :))