Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Anniversary Gift

Remember this entry when I said I'm in the middle of doing something for MrComot? Yeah, finally I finished the anniversary gift, after 2 months! Hehe.

I gave MrComot APRON!!!!

Haha I is soo..what? Apron? Well, he loves the kitchen, and he uses it more than me! Even not for cooking, it's a place where he wash all the milk bottles and breastpump every night and readied Zahra's milk every morning. So I think he need a special apron from me.

My original plan was to sew the apron by myself but it spells I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E right?

So this is what I did..

Bought these two plain aprons from Robinsons. One in creamy white, one in olive green. It's 100% thick cotton with the professional-boring design. Haha. I wish I can find ruffled or runched or something like that, but I really don't know where to buy such apron.

Went to Central Market to get it stitched. Boy..this is tricky because the last time I went there was like, yearrrsss ago! I vaguely remember that there is embroidery shop inside on the top floor but I'm not sure if it's still there, so I just pulling my leg and drove to CM. Guess what, the shop is no more there that I feel like crying, but I took my deep breath and asked one of the guy at the information counter;

Me: Abang, ada kedai sulam-sulam tak kat sini? Yang sulam ngan machine tu?
CM Guy: Ada banyaaakkkkkkk
Me: Kat mana? Kat mana? ---> widely grin, so excited already
CM Guy: You pegi kiri, jalan straightttt je sampai hujung, sana ada banyak

Ok, so that's where the shops, in case you are interested. The moment you enter CM, it's on your left (the Little India place), go inside and walk straight the alley until end.

Another tricky thing is, it's hard for me to settle all this thing - go buy apron, go to CM, etc because he always with me. Coincidently, MrComot had to be in Menara for the whole month and I get the car during the lunch time. So gigih I pegi sorang2 ni, secretly :D

And the funny thing is, the day I went to CM, he asked me, where I had my lunch and me being me, a terrible liar so I just told him in CM and he gave me this serious question 'Why you went to CM? With who?'. OMG..I really tak pandai tipu la. When I said alone lagi la dia freaking out because CM is not safe to him and me going there alone just for lunch, is dangerous and...FISHY. I really don't know how to tackle the situation so I just giggles2 and drop it haha. Hari-hari lain tak tanya pulak. Adoi..

Stitching in the shop. They charge per alphabet. You get to choose the font, the color and the size.

For the second apron, I use iron-on-transfer technique -- cewahhhhh technique ok haha. At first, I plan to self embroidery or stitch it with felt, but I am too lazy like that. So I just get this printed out and iron on the apron. Oh ya, I didn't have any iron-on-transfer paper nor a printer so I request Anasfadilah do it for me. Email her the design, she prints it, send to me via pos express and voila! I ironed it on the apron. The power of internet. You can get almost everything even if you don't have the tools hehe.

So here is my hubby with his pressies ;)



The gold thread look nicer upclose but I think darker color thread will highlight the wording more.

And I include this little handmade card for him. I always make him cards those days, zaman-zaman bercinta, but it's hard to squeeze the time for this type of affection now.

And that's my hubby to me! My love for you grows deeper and stronger each day! Happy 2nd anniversary, baby!

Oh ya..but I still tak dapat my anniversary pressie! I know my apron is nothing, but I keep on pestering him to give me something! Haha bad wifey.

I keep on teasing him,

'Eeeeii ada orang ada apron...kesiannya me takde hadiahhhhhhhh'

Ha ha ha. I am keji like that.

Anyway, he said he already have something for me, but in order to get that, I have to gain weight! I was like..whattttt... Ok for the record, I am tooooo thin now that I look like a sick woman and I DO want to gain some weight. I AM! But it takes a lot of effort and time. Breastfeeding is really burning all the food I am taking.

I want to pile some meat but can I have the present firssssssttttttttttt??? Pweaaaseee pweeettyyy pweaaseeeeeee

And since you have new apron, maybe you can whip out something special for me this weekend ;)


  1. alaaa...writing kat apron hijau tu tak nampak sangat :(

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Comots.


  2. a'ah maria pn ada ckp rs mcm gemuk je..huhu..

    happy anni dear

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you! May you have many more happy years together.

    Your hubby looks great in your anniversary presents! Hope you will too when you get yours later.

  4. haha aan, take mine! please.. i need to shed some kgs, and look way more fab.. :p

  5. bestnye...nak gak hubby yg rajin masuk dapur tolong bini. =)

  6. Cik Kopi,
    A'ah tak nampak sgt in pic. But ok la..kalau kaler lagi terang, lagi best :D

    Hehe kalau timbang, berat ke kurus? :P

    Thanks! Hehe still not getting any! :P

    U already fab la darling. But kalau boleh pass2 mcm tu, bestnyaaa, terima kasih!

    Hehe..rajin ikut time dia je. Harap2 berkekalan la kerajinan tu :P